United Kingdom: Africa LLM/MSc Tercentenary Scholarship for African Students

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The School of Law is fortunate enough to be able to, each year, make a number of awards for postgraduate study, both at LLM, MSc and PhD level. These awards are listed at Funding, Edinburgh Law School, and this page is updated over the course of the year as and when new awards become available.

Applications for any of these awards should be made by completing this form and emailing it to pg.law@ed.ac.uk by the closing date specified at the above website address. It is a condition of eligibility that any applicant for an award has also submitted a complete application for admission to the relevant postgraduate programme in the School by that same closing date.

In considering applications, the School will have regard in the first instance to this form but may also consider any information, including references, submitted as part of the application for admission. However, to assist the Selection Panel, the form must be completed in full, even where this duplicates information submitted as part of your application. You may copy and paste material from your application as appropriate.

Applicants should ensure, wherever possible, that their referees submit their references by the closing date for any scholarship for which they are applying.

Please note that applications for Principal's Career Development Scholarships, where available, should not be submitted on this form, as these applications are dealt with centrally within the university. Further details are available at the web address above.

The remainder of this form should be completed in no less than 11-point type. You may delete this explanatory text (i.e. this paragraph and the previous five) and reduce or expand the size of any individual box below as you see fit, but the submitted form should not exceed two pages in length. Candidates applying for a research degree (i.e. PhD; LLM by research; LLM in Legal Research; LLM in History and Philosophy of Law) should append a copy of their research proposal to the end of this document before submitting it. That proposal does not count towards the page limit.

United Kingdom: Africa LLM/MSc Tercentenary Scholarship for African Students