Author Topic: Soldiers Patrol ABSU As Exams Continues, No Fee, No Exams!!  (Read 960 times)


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   The Abia State University(ABSU) Uturu, is currently having her second semester Examination, for the 2011/2012 academic session.
     Due to the Hike in tuition fees of the Institution, most students of the Institution are currently unable to complete payment oftheir tuition fees, and according to the University rules, Such students would not be allowed to take part in the semester Examination.
     Theinfostrides correspondent ABSU, reports that ÔÇťarmoured cars are currently patrolling the campus with sirens and soldiers.
     The Abia State University(ABSU) second semester Examination for the 2011/2012 commences today, and the state govt. has directed that the new school fees (b/w 80-120k) must be paid in full before and student is allowed into the hall.
    We wish all students partaking in the exercise, all the best!

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