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*sorry is wen u dey use candle fine where petrol dey smell..eya..I pity u

*Sorry is when u pay 280k 4 BB porch on getting home u fine out it has 2 sim card slots..tears go finish 4 ur eyes

*Sorry is when u write u BB pin instead of ur matric no in ur final wetin u dey think b4?

*Sorry is when unknown 4 u, u slap a army general in front of a barrack..bigsorry

*Sorry say patience ebele is ur English teacher b4 waec...u go write waec tire

*sorry is when ur landlord likes ur "I don hammer status" on Facebook..ur house rent don increase automatically b dat

*sorry is when u get 378 in Jamb and fail Post-UME

*sorry is when u throw away 450 naira change instead of gala lie,e go pain u small

*sorry is when u gbagaun on ur u want take correct am

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Nice composition! Me

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big sorry for the last time you will run from tatoo.good one and neately written emezico...