Author Topic: A set of Naija words have been added to the English Dictionary (Check it out)  (Read 1014 times)


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A set of new words have been officially added to the English Dictionary

1) ALUU - A cursed, devilish, babaric village, hidden at a remote part of the country some kilometers away from a high institution.

2) ALUUITE - A babaric indigene of ALUU

3) ALUUEE - A person who is ALUUED

4) ALUUOLOGY - The study of babaric way of treating the human race without trial, evidendence or mercy

5) ALUUCRACY - Government of babarians, by the babaric for the barbarians.

6) ALUUISM - The political babaric ideology of barbaric practice

7) ALUUISH - Having the appearance of ALUU.

May the souls of the 4 ALUUEEs rest in peace! (SO PAINFUL)

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Following the recent brutal killings of 4 UNIPORT students, Aluu community has come to limelight. Although, every concern and positive minded Nigerian frowned at the barbaric act of the community, however, the composition is damn funny. :D

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