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How To Answer Women’s Toughest Questions (For Men)
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[float=left][/float] Women are highly analytical creatures, smart, cunning and always inquisitive, if you are expert in that aspect. Some say they are judgmental, but I like to think of it as "a smart nature". Either way, men have to be extra careful with their words around them!

Here are some of women trickiest questions they may ask you and response you may need to sort yourself out. Are you listening romantically?

You may be asked:

1. “Where do you see this relationship going?”

If you answer with the “long run” or beat about the bush, you will be caught before you land with your miserable explanations, because some women are very goods in detecting a liar.  (Even if it’s what she wanted to hear! Women, like everyone, can be freaked out when what they thought they wanted is just handed to them.) Just say this, “All I know is that I’m really happy for you and I see no reason for this to end. I plan on being with you, taking this to a next level, if it's okay with you.” She’ll love that last line. It will make her feel like she is the one in power and not pressured.

2. “How do I look?”
When a woman asks this, she wants you to comment on not only what she’s wearing, but something about her in particular. Women relate to their clothes: they notice how colors compliment their skin, or how certain cut highlight their physical assets. You’ll score double points if you can say what in particular about what she’s wearing, and what she naturally looks like go together, you can as well end your line with You look like my perfect woman". she'll be tripped.

3. “What was your ex like?”
This question is very tricky because if you speak too fondly of your ex, she will think you still have feelings for her. Try to strip away any emotion when talking about your ex and speak very objectively of her. “She was very social but we depart mutually” Always remember to stick to traits that are facts, more than opinion.

4. “What’s on your mind?”
This question always comes up whenever you as a man fail to make their presence known. She’ll think you’re bored with her! Your mind has moved onto another matters. Her presence doesn't inspire deep thought! If you really were thinking about something small, simply say, “Nothing. I’m just happy” and kiss her.

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l hope men would heed to these advice. :D