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Job Title: Senior Petrophysicist

Job Number: 000525

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Organisation: Addax Petroleum is a subsidiary of the Sinopec Group

Main tasks:

•   Prepare the well data acquisition programs for the petrophysical evaluation;

•   Be involved in the tendering process for Formation Evaluation services;

•   Determine objectives of coring programs and laboratory requirements;

•   Perform the LWD, Wireline logs and Mudlog real time and final QC;

•   Perform formation evaluation to quantify main petrophysical parameters (Porosity, Permeability, Sw, VCL), determine net pay, define main geological characters of the subsurface formation which have impact on the creation of the static model of the reservoir for the correct evaluation of HIIP;

•   Perform formation evaluation to identify hydrocarbon bearing levels, identify fluid contacts and HC Up To and Down To;

•   Integrate all pertinent data such as Wireline and LWD data, routine and special core analysis, mud logs, dynamic data, and petrographical, stratigraphical, structural and sedimentological data, to generate the most appropriate petrophysical models and results;

•   Core data analysis, both CCAL and SCAL. Building saturation laws. Core properties modelling and propagation using clustering tools.

•   Perform interpretation of cased hole measurements aimed at reservoir optimization and reservoir management activities;

•   Perform fluid substitution of velocity and density data to aid reservoir geophysicists with seismic reservoir modelling;

•   Ensure the quality of geocellular petrophysical models in close interaction with the reservoir geologist and reservoir engineer;

•   Ensure petrophysical Data Management workflow through a Corporate Database;

•   Evaluate third parties petrophysical projects and reports and make the necessary recommendations.


•   Ensure delivery of interpretation results according to project plans.

•   Ensure (in cooperation with reservoir geologist, geophysicist, and reservoir engineer) that information flows freely between the various disciplines and that interpretation results are incorporated in the analyses in a proper and consistent manner.

•   Ensure that team/ management are aware of possibilities, limitations and uncertainties with relation to the applied petrophysical methods.

Functional Skills:

•   Wireline data acquisition, QC and follow up.

•   Quicklook, standard, and complex formation evaluation.

•   Data integration, including mud logs, pressure data, geological data and core data.

•   Planning and interpretation of experimental rock properties data.

•   Interpretation of mud logging data.

•   Use of international and internal standards and best practices.

•   Evaluation and implementation of capillary pressure data. Basic statistics including cluster analysis.

•   Rock physics including Gassmann fluid substitution.

•   Project database management.

•   Familiarity with preparation of drilling programs and final well reports. Familiarity with well site operations and QHSE requirements.

•   Understanding coring operations and core analysis (CCAL and SCAL).

•   Understanding technical and contractual specifications for tenders and contracts.

•   Experience with the relationship between rock physics and geophysical properties and as a minimum, a basic understanding of reservoir geology and reservoir engineering.

Behavioral Skills:

•   Ability to work on teams

•   Ability to develop and manage projects and teams

•   Excellent communications and interpersonal skills

•   Comfortable working in a fast paced and multicultural environment

•   Strong flexibility and demonstrable adaptability skills

•   Mentoring skills


•   Geoscience degree

•   A minimum of 15 years’ experience in the Oil and Gas Industry

•   Previous experience in West Africa will be an advantage

•   Fluent command of the English language is mandatory

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