Author Topic: Nigerian Police declares Coxson Lelebori Lucky WANTED for Aluu 4 killings  (Read 941 times)


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The latest news on Aluu Community is that Coxson Lelebori Lucky, a.k.a Bright , has been declared WANTED by the Nigerian Police Force for the murder of the following people.
* Ugunna Obuzor, 18years old, 200Level, Department: Geology.
* Lloyd Toku, 19years old, 200Level, Civil Engineering department;
* Tekena Elkanah, 20years old, a Diploma Technical student and
* Chiadika Biringa, 20years old, 200Level, Student of Theatre Arts Department.
According to the report, Coxson Lelebori Lucky was owing one of the Aluu 4 money and instead of paying up when they came to collect, he raised a false alarm calling them thieves. That alarm led to their horrific murder. Simple as that. And the whole community of Aluu were happy to sentenced them to death by burning (Alive).
Aluu 4
So far, 21 people have so far been arrested and the Inspector General of Police has ordered an inquest into the alleged involvement of police men and have promised to bring to book any officer found involved in the killing.
According to the report of one of the sister of the aluu4, she said she saw when one of the police men ordered that the boys be burnt alive.
Is he really a police man?
Why is the investigation taking forever? All the information needed for the Nigerian Police to bring those involved to justice is staring them at the face. The videos, the pictures, what else are they looking for?
Between, Coxson Lelebori Lucky has been declared wanted, no one know how the face of Coxson Lelebori Lucky looks like, how can you declare someone wanted without a picture?.
He has been in hiding, but he won’t hide forever.
We can’t believe those boys were killed in cold blood with no single crime.
Aluu People, you guys commit ‘Aluu’ which is Abomination.
More news on Aluu Community and the four uniport students they killed will be pasted here, no amount of cry or wish can bring back those innocent boys they murdered, we only hope this case is not sweep under the carpet and they People involved set free.
#we pray for Nigeria.

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