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Great Tribute to Dr Olatunde Aiyedun Agbato, Founder of Animal Care Services

With heavy and sorrowful hearts, we received the demise of Dr Olatunde Aiyedun Agbato but we only take solace in the will of Almighty God, the giver and taker of lives.

Dr Agbato popularly called President until his death yesterday 7th January 2021, was President, Founder and Distributor of Animal Care Services Konsult (NIG) Ltd, Futuna Herb Tooth Paste and Futuna Water.

Dr Olatunde Aiyedun Agbato, Founder and President of Animal Care Services

He was Philanthropist per Excellence, Captain of Industries, an illustrious son of Ogere land, Humanitarian of great repute and man of Timber and Calibre.

He revolutionized farming and agriculture in Nigeria to the extent that Ogere, his home town is well known for industrial and poultry Town throughout the federation.

Words of mouth alone could not express our sincere appreciations for reducing poverty, starvation, crime and criminality by constructively engaging Ogere youths and other unemployed people throughout the federation.

Animals Care Services Organisation is well known for Animals, Drugs and Feeds Productions which cut across all spheres of the globe.

A doctor of Veterinary Medicine and a graduate of the University of Ibadan, I could recollect with nostalgia when my brother and also his close friend of blessed memory, Mr Ganiyu Ayodeji Suraju used to make jest of him by calling Dr Aja.

That same Dr Aja has brought a lot of Glories, Awards, Employments and fame to his family, Town and the entire universe.

A good insight into Whatever profession or position one finds oneself, do it right and to the best of one’s abilities. Only God knows the gallant and the successful.

His generosities, kind-hearted and cheerful giving to humanities are highly condemnable and invaluable.

These can be confirmed in all Corporate Social Responsibilities across the Schools (a recent visit to OMCO amplify this), Communities, his businesses Environments and the entire Nation.

He personally contributed, coordinated and ensured that the old and the vulnerable people in Ogere and many other places were taken care of during the peak of COVID19 Pandemics.

My great joy was that he personally ensured I was one of the contributors.

We can keep on eulogizing this great man till thy kingdom come.

He has surely left a legacy, exemplary, everlasting and continuous Charity which we pray on to Almighty God to use as intercession and grant him paradise.

We do express our sincere condolences to the Wife, Children, Families, Friends, Relatives, Staff and others Admirers he left behind.

Our sincere admonition is for all these close people and Associates should guard jealously, with caution and should not allow humans’ greediness and errors to destroy goodness and reputable organisations he left behind.

May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

Live on Dr. Olatunde Aiyedun Agbato!

Live on our golden Humanitarian our era.


Suraju, Dauda Korede



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