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UN refugee agency warns of ‘sharp rise’ in people fleeing eastern Ukraine

27 June 2014 – Some 16,400 people fled their homes in crisis-riven eastern Ukraine during the past week, bringing the number of displaced within...
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France working towards Uniting Libya as Macron meets Libyan Leaders on Peace Deal

France will host talks on Tuesday between Fayez al-Serraj, head of Libya’s UN-backed government in Tripoli, and Khalifa Haftar, a powerful military commander in...

Touring ‘Hamlet’ troupe marks Shakespeare’s birth, Security Council’s new presidency

4 August 2014 – Encompassing political intrigue, obsession and violence, William Shakespeare’s tragedy ‘Hamlet’ is being re-enacted today at the United Nations headquarters in...

Ukraine death toll of more than 3,000 ‘alarming’: UN

8 September 2014 – The number of people killed in Ukraine has topped 3,000 and could be “significantly higher,” a senior United Nations human...
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Lee Rigby murder: Adebolajo’s brother says killing was justified

Jeremiah Adebolajo claims his brother Michael had sought to 'please Allah by fighting in his cause'
Video: Inside the mind of Lee Rigby killer Michael Adebolajo

UN experts warn against release of former commander convicted in Srebrenica genocide

19 November 2014 – A group of United Nations human rights experts today have voiced alarm over the potential imminent release of Milorad Trbic,...
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#Suspension: Hong Kong shares of Birmingham City holding firm suspended

Shares in Birmingham City's Hong Kong holding company were suspended Monday, leading to speculation the club will be sold, after its owner Carson Yeung was jailed for money laundering in March. "At the request of Birmingham International Holdings Limited…
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Russia approves amnesty covering Pussy Riot, Greenpeace crew

Russian lawmakers on Wednesday approved a Kremlin-backed amnesty bill that is set to free the two jailed members of the punk band Pussy Riot while also ending the prosecution of 30 Greenpeace crew members. Russia's Duma lower house of parliament voted…
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#Politics: EU Parliament pushes Juncker’s ‘right’ to be Commission head

The main political groups in the European Parliament on Thursday backed the "democratic" right of Jean-Claude Juncker to be the next head of the European Commission, in the face of fierce opposition from Britain. "There is growing support for Juncker…
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Stolen Gauguin found in Italian pensioner’s kitchen

Italy on Wednesday said it had recovered a painting worth millions of euros by Paul Gauguin, stolen in London in 1970, bought by an Italian factory worker for a pittance and hung in his kitchen for almost 40 years. The artist's "Fruit on a table or…