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Press body accuses Israel army of targeting journalists

The Foreign Press Association on Sunday accused the Israeli army of "deliberately targeting" journalists after soldiers fired rubber bullets and threw a stun grenade at photojournalists clearly identified as press. In a statement, the Tel Aviv-based…
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Karzai accuses US of halting military supplies over pact row

Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Sunday accused the United States of halting essential supplies to some Afghan army and police units in order to pressure the country to quickly sign a key security pact. The interruption of fuel and equipment had occurred…
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European envoys back on road to Damascus

European ambassadors and intelligence officials are making discreet trips to Damascus in a bid to resume contacts with the Syrian regime after years of outspoken support for the opposition, diplomats say. "Since May, little by little, we have begun…
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Iraq recovers 18 bodies hours after mass kidnapping

The bodies of 18 people kidnapped hours earlier by men in army uniforms were found abandoned north of Baghdad on Friday, the latest troubling sign of worsening violence in Iraq. The killings come amid a surge in violence that has included multiple attacks…
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Quake near Iran nuclear plant kills 8

A 5.7 magnitude earthquake on the Gulf coast near Iran's sole nuclear power plant killed eight people and injured 190 on Thursday, emergency response chief Hassan Qadami told state media. "So far, there are seven dead and 30 injured receiving hospital…
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UN begins distributing fuel to counter Gaza crisis

The United Nations on Thursday began distributing fuel in Gaza to keep critical infrastructure running as fears of a health crisis grow over accumulating rubbish and sewage, an official said. "Fuel is actually coming in, as of today, through the Kerem…
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15 people were killed as Iraq struggles to stem unrest

Attacks in Iraq on Thursday killed 15 people as a senior police officer escaped assassination, the latest in a surge of violence nationwide that authorities have failed to stem. The bloodshed, in which more than 6,000 people have been killed this year…
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UN atomic agency invited to visit Iran’s Arak site on Dec 8

The UN atomic watchdog said Thursday that Iran has invited it to visit the heavy water production plant at its Arak site on December 8, for the first time since August 2011. "I can inform the board that we have received an invitation from Iran to visit…