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#Mobile: Samsung’s First Tizen Smartphone Overview

Up until now, the most we’ve heard about Tizen has been how Samsung insists on using it in its line of smartwatch devices. But today, the company lifted the veil on a new handset that’ll be on display at the Tizen Developer conference starting tomorrow…
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Leaked Photos and Specifications of Amazon’s 3D Smartphone Hit the Internet

Hot on the heels of reports that Amazon’s smartphone would utilize four front-facing cameras to achieve glasses-free 3D visuals, a new report on BGR today doubles down on those rumors. According to the post—which includes supposed photos of an unreleased…

Would You Pay $17K For A Smartphone Built With Outdated Technology?

It’s a smartphone aimed at “the international business person” that promises to deliver “tomorrow’s technology today,” and it will set customers back a cool...
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Google ATAP Reportedly Making Project Tango Tablets

News broke this morning that Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects division, or ATAP, is working on developing a tablet-sized version of its 3D mapping smartphone, Project Tango. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Google intends…
West Africa Mobile Awards  Lagos Nigeria

Winners Announced For West Africa Mobile Awards 2016 Edition In Lagos Nigeria

In Lagos, Nigeria on April 21, WAMAs has announced the winners of this year edition of West Africa Mobile Awards.  The 10 winners of the inaugural West Africa...
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Play with the Android-powered LG G Watch Right Now

Today, technology company LG launched a teaser website for its forthcoming Android Wear-powered smart watch, the LG G Watch. The new promotional applet lets you spin, zoom and view the watch from all sorts of interactive angles, potentially satisfying…
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Nexus 8 is Coming and Soon [RUMOUR]

We’ve been hearing word of a new Nexus branded tablet that would sit between LG’s Nexus 7 and Samsung’s Nexus 10 in Google’s lineup for quite some time now, and today we’re getting an update on the oft promised device from none other than …
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Google Glass now Available for sales in the US

Technology monolith Google has decided to begin selling its highly-discussed wearable technology, Google Glass, to the public. That’s right, if you live in the United States, have $1,500 to spend and the desire to attach technology to your face, you…
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Successor to HTC One to be Revealed on March 25

Lately all the talk has surrounded the impending reveal of the Samsung Galaxy S5, and the Apple iPhone 6—but that doesn’t mean other OEMs aren’t working on their own flashy handsets too. Case in point: HTC will reveal its next flagship smartphone…
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Google Maps Update Includes Uber and Guidance for Lanes and Last Call

Yesterday, Google rolled out a new update for its Maps app—you know, the one you rely on to get anywhere when you’re not a hundred percent familiar with the route. The newest features added to Maps make the app’s navigation and informational services…