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Play with the Android-powered LG G Watch Right Now

Today, technology company LG launched a teaser website for its forthcoming Android Wear-powered smart watch, the LG G Watch. The new promotional applet lets you spin, zoom and view the watch from all sorts of interactive angles, potentially satisfying…
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#Security: Spotify Hacked! Android Users Beware

Hot on the heels of news that eBay fell victim to a massive security breach, a new post on Spotify’s blog says that the music streaming service has likewise been hit. According to the post, the company has “become aware of some unauthorized access…
West Africa Mobile Awards  Lagos Nigeria

Winners Announced For West Africa Mobile Awards 2016 Edition In Lagos Nigeria

In Lagos, Nigeria on April 21, WAMAs has announced the winners of this year edition of West Africa Mobile Awards.  The 10 winners of the inaugural West Africa...
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Microsoft Makes the Surface 2 with LTE Official, Launching March 18th for $679

One glaring omission from the Microsoft Surface line has always been the lack of a model with mobile connectivity capabilities. While Apple’s iPad and many other competitors officer versions with 3G or LTE networking for a small premium, Microsoft…
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Samsung Unveiled New Galaxy Tab4 Line While No One Was Paying Attention

As you probably know by now, April Fool’s Day tends to be something of a lousy day to try and catch up on news via the Internet, with websites deciding that they can GETCHA with their clever articles and fake reports. The result, of course, is tons…
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New iPad Smart Cover Keyboard Detailed in Apple Patent Application

After a long wait, Apple may finally be ready to bring a new iPad keyboard solution to market. A newly published patent application shows a new smart cover keyboard design that could be Apple’s first crack at an iPad keyboard since the dock it released…
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Nigeria’s Internet Users Increase To 97.21million – NCC

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), on Sunday, said the number of internet users on Nigeria’s telecoms networks has hit 97.21 million, up from the...

The Telecoms War Starts In Nigeria

Defining it: The telecom war is the big battle among telecommunication giants seeing the other company as competitor. This kind of war is mounted...

You Are Also Annoyed With Download App Suggestions?

You know what I’m talking about. The “interstitial” suggestion to either download the app (in big letters!) or continue to the mobile site (in...
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Mobile West Africa 2015: Let’s take the mobile industry to the next level

All Amber cordially invite you to this year "Mobile West Africa 2015" event slated to hold in Lagos, Nigeria. In the recent press release...