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Good friends:
1. They always want your progress

2. They act like brothers

3. They call you even if they don’t need you

4. They call you by your name

5. They acknowledge when they see your missed calls.

6. They want you to work where they work.

7. They always find space for you even if they have one room.

8.They don’t have time for gossip.

9.They will never talk bad about in the presence of their wives/Gfs

10. They always wanna advise you.

11. They encourage you to register in a gym when u have pot

12. They don’t lie.

13. They always wanna give you gift.

14. They mind their businesses..

15. They are not happy when you fail.

16. They are happy you bought €250 shoe.

Bad friends (associates):

1. They don’t care

2. They act like associates

3. They call you when they need you.

4. They call you chairman and baba.

5. They don’t acknowledge your missed calls, but expect you to acknowledge theirs (madness).

6. They don’t care if you are working.

7. They have many rooms and basement, but their landlord wont allow you put stuff in their basement.

8. They are specialist in gossiping.

9. They always wanna make jest of you in d presence of their Gfs/wives.

10. They always wanna make you feel less.

11. Thet are happy you have pot belly.

12. They lie too much, they can go for dentist check up for €200.

13. They don’t like giving you gift, cos you will look better than them.

14. They wanna know the times you are sleeping with your wife. Too inquisitive "Male gbeborun".

15. They are over happy when you fail (e no dey tell us about himself, God don catch am).

16. Their mind is never at rest when they hear you bought €250 shoe. Where did he get it, they wanna see it. Their life is based on competition not love.

Which category do you belong?

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l belong to the good friend category. :)