Author Topic: Giveaway - EverDesk is the only email client on the market which supports Google Docs together with Gmail, Contacts and Calendar.  (Read 765 times)


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EverDesk combines the best features of an Email Client, File Manager, Address Book and Calendar into one integrated interface, making it the most comprehensive personal information manager on the market.

EverDesk is the first and only application, which provides syncing with Google services like Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Calendar AND Google Docs making it the perfect companion for everybody who uses Google services, especially Google Apps.

And don’t forget that you can work with your data from multiple Google accounts simultaneously, even offline – try doing that in your browser with your existing Google accounts!

For ultimate flexibility, EverDesk lets you create as many Calendars and Address Books as you need and keep them synced independently with different Google accounts.

EverDesk is not just another email client software – in EverDesk emails and attachments are stored together, as regular files in Windows folders, together with your other files and documents. It enables you to see, organize, and work with all of your emails, all of your attachments, all of your Windows files and documents from within a single window and keep all the information related to the same subject in one place – no more switching multiple windows and programs.

Due to this unique approach, EverDesk provides the ultimate in email functionality and contains powerful features which are simply not available in other email clients.

For its innovative approach to email and file management and integration EverDesk was awarded a U.S. Patent.

NB: commercial use is available for this title.

Limitation: GOTD license is valid for installation on 1 PC only.

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