Author Topic: I will Marry iyanya if he Proposes: Yvonne Nelson  (Read 612 times)

I will Marry iyanya if he Proposes: Yvonne Nelson
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You know there were speculations about their status as a couple when they were spotted hanging out at the beach.
It seems the beautiful Ghanaian actress is still single but considers him a husband material.
During an interview with YES magazine,sheopened up on her feelings for him. Yes!: Have you found the right man?
Yvonne: Not yet. I am still searching
Yes!: Can you tell us about your alleged romance with Iyanya because he mentioned your name in one of his tracks
Yvonne: He is a good friend of mine. I am his biggest fan. I love his music. He’s an amazing guy, special guy! That’s about it.
Yes!: If he proposes to you today, would you say yes?
Yvonne: Maybe, yeah, maybe. You never know. Yeah. I will accept if he proposes. I mean, he’s good, a nice guy.
Iyanya,what are you waiting for?