Author Topic: Students Should Stop Late Night Reading Because It's Dangerous  (Read 535 times)

Contrary to the belief that studying at nightimprove grades.
A new study, it is common to find people study hard late into the night during examination period.
Ironically, health specialists says the loose of sleep during these night session could work against these who practise it, addingthat any student who does all night reading may be undoing him or herself.
In my own view, i believe students should study throughout the semester,set up study session in the evening because this period is always known as alertness and concentration period.
Students should get atleast six hours night sleep before exam,because memory recall and ability to maintain concentration are better improved when individual is rested enough as well as increasing performance in the examination.
So lets cultivate the habbit of early learning and not just when the exams is around thecorner because reading more and more Aid better undastanding