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Agege Bread Storm London
« on: Dec 06, 2012, 09:33 PM »
The entrepreneurial savvy of the average Nigerian is not to be taken for a joke or trifled with. When our correspondent came across an Agege Bread shop in London, he was stuck in disbelief.

Undoubtedly Agege Bread has infiltrated the cosmopolitan city of London.

Agege Bread is a loaf of bread made popular by the bakers from the same Lagos suburb that make the bread. Millions of Lagosians are familiar with the delicacy and have it as a regular part of their balanced diet.

Now some savvy entrepreneur has taken the concept to London, England and is making a small fortune baking and delivering Nigerian styled loaves to lovers of baked products in the Queen’s own country.

One noticeable difference about the difference in the London made Agege bread is the packaging is more professional and appealing than the locally made version. However that is simply a testament to the enabling environment that a country like Great Britain affords its citizens and migrants.

According to the website of the company, “The idea of providing home away from home in England for an average Nigerian in diaspora, to enjoy quality and home taste Nigerian conventional food at the lowest possible price, was our aim that gave birth to London Agege bread.
In 2005 from the East end of London, the dream was born and has since spread across the UK and Europe. From a dream, it has grown to become a household name all over London, Northern Ireland and Europe, a corporate brand and a quality standard in the bakery/confectionery industry in England offering quality, comfort and home taste satisfaction in diaspora for Nigerians and Europeans also other Africans individuals, groups, churches, mosques and other corporate organisations.”

At its South East London, Deptford Street address, diners can not only buy bread, they can choose from a plethora of other soulful dishes that immediately transport the diner mentally to a Bukka in Nigeria.

SOURCE: Talkofnaija

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Agege Bread Storm London
« on: Dec 06, 2012, 09:33 PM »