South Africa: University of Pretoria Postgraduate Scholarships 2011

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Scholarship opportunities at University of Pretoria for Honours, Masters and Doctoral Level Studies.

In each budget cycle, the Budget and Planning Committee recommends to the Vice-Principal's Committee what amount should be allocated for postgraduate scholarships in the respective faculties. Awards to individual students are subject to approval by the Research Committees of the respective Faculties.

UP postgraduate scholarships are available to students who register for an Honours degree, a research Masters degree as defined in appendix 1 or a Doctoral programme at the University of Pretoria.

Students who are enrolled for a four-year bachelor's degree programme do not qualify for an honours degree scholarship in their final year, i.e. the fourth year of study.
- Scholarships are awarded to applicants on the grounds of the contribution that their study is likely to make to specific focal areas of research, which are determined by the University from time to time.
- Postgraduate students are automatically considered for a scholarship once they have been admitted to a postgraduate program by the Faculty (no application for a bursary required). (Refer to 5.3 and 5.4).
- Awards to particular candidates will be determined by Faculty Research Committees that will consider the performance of the candidates to whom they make awards.
- Students who have not completed their preceding study programme will not be considered for a UP postgraduate scholarship. Special study programmes (including diplomas and certificates) as well as study programmes that do not qualify for subsidy purposes are not taken into consideration.
- Scholarships are awarded once only for a postgraduate study programme. Students who hold a postgraduate qualification will not be considered for a scholarship for postgraduate study at the same level (e.g. students who enrol for a second or even a third honours degree, Masters Degree or Doctoral programme).
- Students who simultaneously register for an undergraduate and a postgraduate programme, e.g. BTH and BA (Honours) in Greek may be considered for both the UP undergraduate achievement bursary and the postgraduate scholarship.

Deadline: 31 May 2011

South Africa: University of Pretoria Postgraduate Scholarships 2011