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Job Title: Dynamic Positioning Operator

Job Number: 4401011

Company: Transocean Nigeria

Job Description:

•   Operate dynamic positioning equipment under the direction of the Senior DPO

•   Operate and understand the ballast control system, Power Management System and fire and gas systems

•   Maintain the rig in a stable condition and at the correct draft and trim

•   Assist in the setup of the DP system operational parameters

•   Ensure that all DP system data are recorded

•   Advise the Driller and Chief Mate of potential position loss

•   Assist in performing Preventive Maintenance on DP equipment

•   Assist with running and maintaining records for hydrophones and subsea beacons

•   Make regular use of the onboard simulator, where available

•   Ensure that there is adequate power and reserves of power for the maintenance of position and operations; give immediate attention to any problems

•   Ensure that all defects and anomalies are reported to the Chief Mate or Senior DPO and relevant department heads. Maintain records of these and ensure that they are corrected adequately

•   Understudy the Senior DPO

•   Stand navigation watch as authorized by the individual’s license

•   Manage the deck crews, working outside with them as required

•   Sound ballast and bulk tanks. Assist with loading and sampling of bulk products as required

•   Assist Chief Mate and Master with deck operations as required.

•   Operate vessel’s radios as required / Operate vessel’s radars as required

•   Perform emergency duties and responsibilities as stated on the Station Bill, DP Emergency Response Plan and vessel specific Emergency Response Manual

•   Complete ISM familiarization material

•   Monitor all DP room alarms including DP system, VMS, Fire & Gas; Prioritize alarm response as necessary to maintain

Desired Skills & Experience:

•   University degree or equivalent

•   STCW 95 unlimited OOW, 2 yrs experience as 2nd mate, DP license

•   2 years DPO experience

•   Valid medical examination and vaccination certificates

•   Knowledge of basic technical calculations required for the safe operation of the marine aspect of the rig

•   Basic computer skills

•   Meet all requirements as listed on the WWTM and the WW Licensing Matrix including but not limited to the following: Unlimited Nautical Institute DP Certificate, GMDSS license, Lifeboatman certificate, Radar observers certification with ARPA endorsement, ECDIS training required on vessels with ECDIS equipment installed.

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