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The family and friends of the late Kate Jagoe-Davies have donated funding for the creation of ONE scholarship available  for  DISABLED  students who will register for full-time study for  a post-graduate degree  that relates to ecological sustainability with respect to climate change at the University of Cape Town

Eligibility and Selection:
Applications are invited from South African students who are *disabled, and who have achieved a weighted average of at least 60% in the final year of the previous qualification.  Suitable candidates must have demonstrated a passion for their field of study.  There is no restriction on nationality, race or gender.

Final selection of eligible candidates will be made by the university’s  PSFC (Postgraduate Studies Funding Committee).  The PSFC will take into consideration recommendations made by the Trustees.

Value and Tenure:
- The Value of the scholarship is R15,000 per year which must be used towards tuition, academic materials, housing and research project costs.
= The tenure of the award is strictly ONE YEAR.  A scholarship may be renewed if renewal is applicable to the degree concerned and subject to the fulfilment of all the conditions of award. 

The renewal policy is as follows:
- one year only for an Honours candidate (i.e. no renewal is applicable);
- one year with possibility of renewal for one further year for a masters candidate; or
- one year with the possibility of renewal for 2 further years for a doctoral candidate, contingent on satisfactory academic progress and/or availability of funds.

Conditions of Award
The successful candidate will be required to:
•   provide a mid-year progress report, reflecting grades achieved for mid-year examinations as well as comment by the Course Convenor/Supervisor on progress of the research project;
•   provide a full report on the year’s study including final results and a copy of the research project (if applicable);
•   provide an account of expenditure of the scholarship;
•   present the work and  interim or final  findings of the research project to the Kate Jagoe-Davies Memorial Scholarship Trustees;
•   repay all or part of the scholarship to the University of Cape Town should she/he withdraw from the course for which the  scholarship has been awarded; deregister or fail to achieve the degree in  the agreed  timeframe; and
•   undertake to comply with the University’s approved policies, procedures and practices on postgraduate funding.

Application Procedure
Applicants are required to:
•   write a letter of application outlining the intended study and how  this links with the broader area of ecological sustainability, and how she/he intends to use the study in her/his career in the future;
•   submit a CV of no longer than TWO A4 pages, including detail of previous work in ecological sustainability research and demonstration of a passion for the topic;
•   attach a certified copy of all academic transcripts (University only and NO certificates);
•   attach a certified copy of SA identity document or passport;
•   attach one letter of reference from an ACADEMIC who has taught him/her during his/her time at university;
•   provide a letter from the Course Convenor/Head of Department indicating that she/he is likely to be accepted by the relevant department for post-graduate study in 2011; and
•   *provide a letter from her/his medical practitioner indicating the nature of the applicant’s disability.

Applications must be submitted to The Director, Postgraduate Centre & Funding Office, 3rd level Otto Beit (Students Union) Building Upper Campus, University of Cape Town by no later than 25 February 2011


The University reserves the right to cancel, withdraw and recover any funds paid to the award-holder if she/he does not comply with the Conditions of Award.

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