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Gaslift Surveillance Engineer Job at Shell Nigeria
« on: Jan 19, 2013, 12:30 AM »
Job Title: Gaslift Surveillance Engineer

Job opening ID: 38

Location: Nigeria

Scheme: Shell Nigeria Recruitment 2013

Organisation: Shell Nigeria

Recruiter: Kimberly Ryan Nigeria

Work experience: 8 – 10 years

Skill set: – Minimum HND (Engineering discipline) – 5 – 10 years operational experience in subsurface and surface operations including gas-lift.  – Understanding of subsurface technology would be an added advantage.  – Strong analytical, problem solving and communication skills are essential.  – Opportunity exists to develop into a Snr Programmer based on available opening and proven ability.

Competencies: – Collect and Evaluate Field data (skill) – Monitor and analyse Integrated Production System Performance (skill) – Perform Integrated Production System Optimisation (skill) – Prepare Short Term Production Forecasts (skill) – Estimate Integrated Production System Capacity (skill) – Estimate Deferment and Safeguarding activities (skill) – Estimate Production Availability (skill) – Perform Hydrocarbon Allocation (skill) – Configure Wells and Facilities (skill) – Measure and report Production/Injection/Disposal (skill) – Transfer Custody of Hydrocarbons (skill) – HSE Policies, Standards and Procedures (knowledge) – Interpersonal skills (skill) – Work with IT Applications (skill)

Roles and responsibilities: – Act as the Gaslift expert in Operations and train new Production programmers and Operations staff on Gaslift. – To provide operations input into projects relating to Gaslift incl field development plan. – Assist field operations to find the root cause of problems associated with the gaslifted wells.  – Organise routine dual string welltest, analyse results and come up with opportunities in case one arm is taking the majority of the liftgas. – Highlight issues around GL metering and ensure that the relevant parties follow up to resolve. – Prompt the PT to work on a solution in case well Intervention is required. – Ensure well related production operations standards and specifications are adhered to. Report any deficiencies. – Ensure that relevant installed systems like PI, PU and Fieldware are used efficiently.  – Chase the barrels: Look out for PSO opportunities beyond Gaslift optimization.

Through these activities above, play a key role in fulfilling field data requirements and validation.

These priorities are achieved through active participation in the following : – Collating and challenging data requirements.  – Ensuring appropriate data is acquired including Short term planning of data acquisition activities. – Short Term Forecasting – Contribute to Medium Term Forecasting – Comparing actual production & injection performance against forecast – Providing data on actual production & Injection performance for improving the MT Forecast – Artificial lift surveillance, analysis and optimisation using the Shell Gaslift optimisation tools (Winglue) and other IFM tools. – Maintaining Well Integrity (Well Integrity monitoring and reporting, make decisions within boundaries set by WRFM and ensure actions are closed out). – Enhanced Oil Recovery Monitoring and Reporting. – Short Term Production System Optimisation (Optimisation within the Operating Envelope and identification of Opportunities – Application of RTO tools – Monitor, Review and Improve the execution of Smart Field Value loops for ST Plan and Forecasting, Unscheduled Deferment management, Well Integrity Management, Optimisation within the IPSC – Contribute to Asset Reference Plans, Business Plans, Development Concepts, Facilities Design, Well design.

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Gaslift Surveillance Engineer Job at Shell Nigeria
« on: Jan 19, 2013, 12:30 AM »