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Admission is now open into 2/3-Months Professional Certificate of Proficiency in the following courses;
1. General Computing & Information Technology Basics
2. Website Development & Hosting (PHP, ASP, SQL, etc)
3. Networking & Wireless Technology
4. Computer Hardware & Software Maintenance
5. Database Development & Management (ORACLE & SQL etc)
6. Software Development & Application (JAVA)
7. Graphics, Logo Development & Branding
8. Multimedia Production & Video Editing
9. Computer Animation & Cartoon Production
10. Geographical Information System (GIS)
11. Engineering & Architectural Design (ArchCAD, AutoCAD etc)

Please, be informed that all courses are free of charge for Member(s) while Non-member(s) pay a sum of N35,000 covering Tuition Fee, Accommodation, Course Materials etc

How to become a MEMBER/ Benefits
Fill a membership application and return to International Centre for Information Technology Literacy, Rivers State Polytechnic, Bori. It is to be noted that a sum of N25,000 is paid as annual Membership Dues, and no other fee is charged thereafter. The Membership Dues makes a member entitle to free access to all courses, workshops, conferences, seminars, multimedia kits, resources, scholarship into partners’ institutes abroad etc.
Accommodation to all members is free on first come first serve as limited space is available, but the centre may arrange a subsidised accommodation for interested members anytime they come for courses at the Centre.

Award of Certificate
Professional Certificate of Proficiency is awarded to successful student and this is subjected to his/her competency to practically display whatever he/she has learnt at the centre. No certificate will be awarded to anyone that failed to display his/her strength after the course(s) has been taught.
Please, note that this is a total practical course and no exam to write, but student must display his/her technical strength on his/her area of study before a certificate is warded.
This certificate can be used to further studies at the Centre or Partners’ Institutes within and outside Nigeria.
NOTE: All payments are made directly to Rivers State Polytechnic, Bori
For further information, please feel free to call The Director on +234 8038674342 or email,

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