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The Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Program is facilitated through student exchange agreements between Canadian and regional institutions. These student exchange agreements are created between universities for graduate students. Scholarship recipients remain registered as full time students in their home institution during this exchange.


Graduate Students Exchanges (GSEP) are hosted by Canadian institutions for a period of five or six months and provide up to $10,000 to cover transportation, living and other related expenses during the students’ stay in Canada.

Student application process:

Students interested in this scholarship program should contact their home institution to make their interest known, and to find out if there is an institutional collaboration or exchange agreement with a Canadian institution. The Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) provides a database of international exchange agreements which, while not exhaustive, does provide a list of some existing agreements.

An institutional exchange agreement is desirable, however, where no agreement yet exists, research applications by students which may result in a new collaboration between professors from a Canadian and foreign university will be considered.

Candidates doing research must apply for a Work Permit in order to ensure a smooth entry at the Canadian border and to receive the funds.

Interested students may also wish to contact alumni of the program through their home institution for advice and a local perspective on the experience.

Additional questions can be emailed to

NOTE: A new competition is expected to be announced in February 2011.

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