Author Topic: Man Builds Light Plane in Bayelsa State (VIDEO)  (Read 916 times)


Man Builds Light Plane in Bayelsa State (VIDEO)
« on: Jan 29, 2013, 09:00 PM »
Unemployment or underemployment need not keep anyone from fulfilling their dreams. This is the believe of a young man from Brass in Bayelsa State, who in homestead has built a light plane.

36-year-old Ifiemi Felagha, works with an oil servicing firm but spent all his free time in the past eight years working on building this light plane and he’s seen it through.

Watch and share your views below:

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Re: Man Builds Light Plane in Bayelsa State (VIDEO)
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Amazing! I hope the Nigerian government has seen this. It is high time we started to support talented and creative citizens, before the western countries take all our talented personnel.