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Job Title: Online Content Producer

Location: Lagos Nigeria

Organisation: Channels Television

General Role:

An online producer oversees the making of content for websites and other online properties. Online producers are sometimes called “web producers” “publishers”, “content producers,” or “online editors.”


The online producer’s responsibility is usually to create, edit and arrange the text, video, audio, images and other materials that may be included on a website. Online producers define and maintain the character of a website, as opposed to running it from a technical standpoint.

Qualifications and experience:

•   Bachelors degree and training in multimedia production.

•   Must have aptitude in Adobe Premiere and digital audio editing

•   Working knowledge of web-design tools, such as HTML, Flash, ASP.Net, DreamWeaver, JavaScript, Adobe Photoshop, and FTP programs

•   Good understanding of mass media and social media

•   Exceptional communication and editing skills

•   The Online Content Producer should have at least 2 years professional experience

•   Must demonstrate good journalism and writing skills as well as an understanding of current events

•   Must understand basic journalism legal principles.

•   Must be able to multi-task, meet deadlines and work under pressure

•   Experience working in a dynamic, fast-paced newsroom environment strongly preferred

•   Working knowledge of online content-management systems preferred

Primary Responsibilities:

•   Ensure the website is updated as often as required

•   Upload Stories on the website- Word Press compliant Content Management System

•   Plan, structure, report, and write news and information content for Web sites and other new media platforms

•   Enhance the news content with outside links, maps, slideshows.

•   Convert new media content to broadcast style.

•   Coordinate news editorial and technical staff to facilitate the migration of multi-media content to new media platforms, including video, audio, still photos and graphics

•   Will assist in online coverage of major news events, breaking news.

•   Manage wire feeds and publish to the web site where appropriate.

•   Upload videos on You Tube-With annotations, tags

•   Google Plus Hangout Producer, which includes live transmission on You Tube.

•   Re writing reports that are sent in by TV correspondents to suit publication on the website.

•   Transcribing TV tracks into online stories.

•   Getting stories daily out of live TV programmes such as Sunrise Daily, Business Morning for the website.

•   Managing the social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and You Tube).

•   You Tube video editing.

Deadline: 9th February, 2013.

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