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Saburi Graduates After 14 Years In OAU
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The news of his graduation spread like wildfire last Saturday following his post on his Facebook page which heralded the news. His Facebook page was a washed with encomiums and congratulatory messages. Akinola Saburi a.k.a Malcom X's joy knew no bound when he wrote his last paper on Saturday after spending over a decade(1999-2013).

Saburi was in 2003, the General Secretary of the Students Union before he was later elected as the president in 2006/07 session but his administration was locked in horns with the school management since day one based on the presumed believe that his election was rigged. During his reign as president, he fought every oppressive policy of the university management which landed him in detention at Ilesha prison for six months without trial. He  rarely compromise his stand on fundamental issues.

Even, after his return from prison, he still continued the struggle such that he was declared a persona non grata in Osun State by men of the State Security Service. He was later reinstated to continue his program.

Also, his name flew about on the net through out that day. No doubt, Saburi his a hero and a model to young comrades like us.


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Waooo...14 years in university. What a long education!


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Goodluck for him but not the best oooooooo! 14 years!!!

BSc: 4 - 6 years
MSc: 1.5 - 2 years
PhD: 4 - 6 years

Minimum Band: 9.5 years
Maximum Band: 14+ years

I leave the rest for your commentary!