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•   To interest diligent students at tertiary institutes in the activities of IMPERIAL Logistics with a view to ultimately securing their services for the company.
•   To attract and retain high calibre employees in the belief that the future progress of the company will depend on the quality and motivation of its employees at all levels.
•   The bursary scheme will particularly be aimed at candidates from previously disadvantaged groups in accordance with the Divisions’ Social Upliftment programme.


To qualify for assistance under this scheme,
applicants shall not necessarily be related in any way to employees, who satisfy the requirements of the bursary committee.
Studying in a discipline, applicable to the IMPERIAL Logistics Context.
In addition, applicants must
o meet the criteria of the bursary committee in terms of academic or scholastic achievement and leadership potential or sporting prowess;
o accept in writing such conditions as may be imposed by the bursary committee, buy means of signing the attached bursary agreement.


All applications for bursaries or other assistance in connection with studies must be made on the application form prescribed by IL from time to time and the bursary committee shall not consider any application which does not conform to this procedure.

Value of awards

Bursaries granted in terms of this scheme shall cover tuition fees, and may at the discretion of the bursary committee include text books, costs of special study equipment, examination fees and living allowances. The bursary committee may in its sole discretion determine the value or scope of bursaries or educational assistance granted in terms of this scheme.

For more information and application form: IMPERIAL Logistics Bursary and Educational Assistance Scheme.

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