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Applications are invited from scientists of any discipline who are working in Austrian universities and non profit-making, extra-university research establishments for doctoral programs.

Doctoral Programs form centres of education for highly qualified young scientists from the Austrian and international scientific community. The programme should support centres of excellence at Austrian research institutions and help ensure the continuity and impact of such centres. A Doctoral Program may only be established at a research institution that is entitled to award doctoral qualifications.

•   A Doctoral Program is a unit formed as a result of a joint undertaking by several scientists or scholars (at least 5, at most 20) whose research is of an internationally leading standard. Based on a clearly defined mid-term research programme (ideally transcending traditional borders between disciplines), these scientists should offer a structured educational programme to doctoral students. Doctoral Programs should primarily be established in close cooperation with existing large-scale research programmes (SFB or NFN).
•   The available facilities (space, laboratories and equipment etc.) required to perform scientific work of high quality
•   Assurance from the host university that the education provided by the Doctoral Programs will be accepted as sufficient for award of a doctoral degree, as well as special support for the programme

Length 12 years, with interim reviews every four years to decide upon continuation Level 5 to 20 contracts of employment for PhD students (generally 1 PhD per Faculty member), 1-2 Postdoc positions (only on detailed justification), 100 % contract for administrative support (for someone with academic qualifications) as well as support for consumables, travel and other expenses, costs for education; for a maximum of two "associated" students per Faculty member, only the education costs will be paid.

Applications may be submitted at any time, the deadline for submitting a concept is 2nd November for decision in the following year in English

Allocation Once per year - in the final meeting of the year - by the FWF Board based on the results of an international review process

Dr. Sabine Haubenwallner
+43-1-505 67 40 ext. 8603

Source: FWF Austrian Science Fund - Funding Programs - Doctoral Programs (DKs)

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