Author Topic: Nigerian Girl Attacked With Acid In London Gets Free Facial Surgery (VIDEO)  (Read 1034 times)


[float=left][/float] A 20-year old London based Nigerian, Naomi Oni who was attacked with acid by an unknown person dressed in niqab a few minutes away from her home, will be receiving a free facial reconstruction surgery by one of the world’s top cosmetic Surgeons, Dr. Cap Lesesne according to the London Evening Standard.
Dr. Lesesne, an American surgeon who has done re-constructive surgery as well as normal operations on Hollywood actors, United States Senators, royalty, read of Naomi’s travail in the Evening Standard and decided to offer his heart- felt service.

Ms. Oni  suffered terrible burns on her face, neck, arms, legs, head and body, she is partly blind in her right eye and doctors fear she would need years of continous treatment before she is fully Ok.

Watch video of her interview after the incident below:

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this is onerous

What a wicked world we live in.