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HSSEQ Manager Job at Leader Engineering - Nigeria
« on: Feb 18, 2013, 12:31 PM »
Job Title: HSSEQ Manager

Job Code: 115

Location: Nigeria

Company: Leader Engineering – Nigeria


Take part in / Draw up the HSE budgets for TUPNI and for the Project – Monitor and control incurred expenditure against budgets – Define, supervise, manage and plan the training of human resources needed for the activity – Define and keep track of execution of training plans for local personnel, – Participate in the definition of training plans for operative and discipline personnel – Check on the level of HSE training of personnel employed (company and contractor) – Contribute to the development of training courses – Provide specific discipline HSE training (on-the-job, legally requisite) – Define the HSE philosophies and criteria to be included for pre-projects and projects – Validate requests submitted for concession/exemption from application of reference procedures – Verify that HSE policy and related reference documents are properly understood and enforced (directives, rules, specifications, procedures) – Attend HSE Committee meetings / prepare and chair HSE meetings of the E&P Executive Committee – Advise management in ways and means of identifying and minimizing risks, and the impact of activities, especially for simultaneous operations or in downgraded situations. – Propose items of the HSE-MS to general management – Take part in/ supervise the drafting of reference documents (directives, rules, specifications, procedures) – Participate in/ ensure implementation of the HSE-MS and checks on its enforcement, efficiency and maintenance – Take part in/execute or direct HSE studies and risk assessments undertaken for the design of installations, the execution of operations, for abandonment and any coordination needed – Produce /Validate the studies performed prior to start-up of activities for safety cases directed at obtaining authorizations – Take part in/Organize audits of installations and operations, check on their conformity to reference documents – Represent the company in relations with authorities, other operators and partners – Verify and follow-up delivery of the appropriate authorizations needed for conducting operations – Keep track of changes in HSE regulations and plans for new regulations – Ensure HSE coordination with the operative disciplines and their representatives in the Affiliates and in HQ – Ensure coordination, reporting and transmission of feedback to HQ – Coordinate the enforcement of HSSE provisions on the sites and in operating entities and/or for acquisition/transfer of assets – Advise general management with regard to implementation of contingency and crisis management – Participate in/Ensure the introduction of crisis and contingency management systems, check on their efficiency of their application – Organize preparedness for emergency situations via training and exercise plans – Input/Set up and operate an Affiliate reporting system on incidents, accidents, anomalies – Take part in/Supervise the incident, accident and anomaly investigations and analyses – Ensure follow-up of HSE performances and necessary benchmarking – Participate in/Ensure planning of HSE performance improvement and associated monitoring – Ensure the follow-up and execution of actions determined after incident, accident, audit and


inspection analyses – Define and procure all the specific HSE prevention materials and equipment, check on their availability and maintenance – Contribute to / define and procure all the specific HSE intervention materials and equipment, check on their availability and maintenance – Ensure coordination with the Inspection Department for installations and equipment


As a transverse job, in a Project team and within TUPNI/ DW HSSE organization: – Contribute to the definition and implementation of an effective HSE policy within the Egina Project Team and all the Project Contractors – covering protection of personnel, care for the environment and preservation of installations – and related reference systems – Guarantee application, in compliance with regulations, reference documents and best practices, of the HSSE policy in the Egina Project activities (exploration, drilling, projects, production, abandonment) – Advise Egina Project Director, DW HSE DG Manager and when relevant TUPNI ED on introduction of crisis management systems, ensure their operation, distribution and the preparedness of the relevant personnel – Assist the DW HSE DG Manager in his role of Company HSSE representative vis-à-vis authorities, associations, industry – Take responsibility for the maintenance and sound operation of safety-environment materials and equipment – Contribute to developing a positive image of the Group and to improving the entity’s performances by combining HSE considerations and return on investment, in a broad geographic, cultural, contractual and environmental context – Assist Project General Manager on Project Risk Management with help of a consultant company

NECESSARY PROFILE – Formal education (Diplomas): Mechanical/Chemical Engineer – Professional experience

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HSSEQ Manager Job at Leader Engineering - Nigeria
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