Author Topic: Food for thought - How To Know Your Spouse/Partner is a Player on Facebook  (Read 583 times)


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1. He will be calling you sweet names in your inbox....but on your wall he or she call you "dear" or your name..........

2. If you comment on his photo...he or she will only say "thanks dear" to avoid his othre lovers from suspecting him......

3. If you update a status instead of him/her commenting on your wall.....he will comment in your inbox......

4. If you call him/her sweet names in his wall i.e honey...he won't reply.....highest thing he'll do id "Like" the comment......

5. If you update a status he/she wont comment on it in your wall.... But he/she will
be telling you about the status in your inbox........

6. Post lovely quotes on his/her wall and check back after 10 minutes it wont be in his/her wall any more.....hahaha ha!!

Keep it rolling....

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This is so

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