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Job Title: Wells HSE Technician

Location: Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Recruiter: Karamat Limited

Job Description:

•   While in the field, the HSE Technician will spend at least 70% of his / her  time on the deck observing daily tasks to ensure conformance with Shell and  Contractor HSE Standards and Regulatory requirements.

•   He / she will be required to:

•   Interface with all contractor personnel on the rig and work with the DSV to  ensure implementation of the SNEPCo Wells HSE MS requirements for the rig

•   Assist the HSSE lead in establishing HSSE targets during the annual HSE  planning cycle and in monitoring performance against those targets on the  rig

•   Conduct daily site inspections, observation tours and local audits on Safety  Critical Equipment (SCE), Processes and People behavior, especially during  critical / high-risk operations to ensure compliance with standards.

•   Take part in barrier thinking / HAZOP / HAZID sessions on the rig and  support the HSE Lead in the update of the SNEPCo Wells HSE case and bridging  documents.

•   Support the DSV in monitoring implementation of Process Safety Improvement  recommendations for the rig

•   Assist the DSV with implementation of the Global Wells Management of Change  (MOC) requirements on the rig.

•   Assist the DSV with permissible / prohibited Simultaneous Operations  (SIMOPs) to ensure that HSE precautions and procedures are utilized

•   With the RSTC carry out daily Safe Work Practice / Permit to Work System  audits to ensure non-routine work, carried out in a potentially hazardous  environment on the rig are properly planned and authorized.

•   Motivate workers to use safe behaviour on the rig by providing training /  coaching and organising campaigns for all rig based personnel (Staff and  contractors) on topical HSE issues such as DROPS, Temporary pipework, Lifting  and hoisting, emergency response, confined space, etc

•   Actively participate in pre-Jobs safety planning / JSA meetings and review  of JSAs during the jobs to ensure accuracy.

•   Ensure all incidents on the rig are reported; facilitate and participate in  the investigation of reported incidents and follow up the implementation of rig  related post incident remedial actions (PIRA) to ensure timely closeout.

•   Work with the RSTC to collate record, analyze, and evaluate accident / near  miss data to determine the root and contributing causes.

•   Participate in rig weekly HSSE meetings and utilize the forum to communicate  early incident learning bulletins and alerts from global wells, etc and other  burning HSE issues from the office.

•   Monitor environmental aspects of each well location to maintain ISO 14001  Certification and report any deviation from standards to the Lead HSSE.

•   Actively participate in all drill exercises on the rig, making improvement  recommendations where necessary.

•   Review daily reported START cards with the RSTC to identify best START card  reports of the week for the SNEPCo Wells Goal Zero Hero award scheme and prepare  monthly HSE performance data for submission to the office.


•   Science or Engineering degree.

•   Seasoned EP / HSE professional with at least 6 years working experience in a  drilling related function

•   Good understanding of the offshore drilling business risks and  mitigation.

•   Skilled in HSSE risk Management Framework (HEMP and Safe Systems of  work)

•   Knowledge of Auditing, Incident Investigation, Environmental quality  standards, HSE regulations and permit requirements

•   Skilled in analyzing and solving problems, communicating and persuading and  being personally creative and innovative

•   Good interpersonal skills.

Deadline: 15th March, 2013.

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