Author Topic: Giveaway - AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager Pro Edition performs all the tasks needed under Windows-based systems to deliver optimal performance.  (Read 381 times)


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AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager Pro Edition provides basic and advanced features to create new volume, span volume across multiple disks, fix lack of disk space on C drive problem, move volume slice from one disk to another, convert dynamic disk to basic and so on. All the operations are always aimed at making your computer work efficiently.

Key features:
  • Dynamic volume management: create, delete, re-size, shrink, extend dynamic disks; change drive letter and volume label for easier recognition.
  • Disk converter: dynamic disk to basic and vice verse; GPT disk to MBR; MBR disk to GPT; GPT disk to MBR to install Windows OS; initialize disk as MBR or GPT.
  • Step-by-Step wizard.

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