Author Topic: Construction Work Pack / Job Card Coordinator Job at PPI Technology Services - Nigeria  (Read 324 times)


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Job Title: Construction Work Pack / Job Card Coordinator

Job Code: 124

Location: Lagos and Offshore, Nigeria

Organisation: PPI Technology Services, LLC


•   Oversight of Construction Work Package (CWP) development.

•   Oversight and upkeep of job card database.

•   Monitoring progress physical work components and associated productivity by stewarding field verification and man-hour tracking.


•   Development of man-hour estimates using standard norms or supporting/mentoring Contractor

•   Ensure CWP system reflects the most recent schedule, and quantity information.

•   Plan the dependencies of CWP’s to ensure logical and practical release of work.

•   Coordinate with engineering team to ensure battery limits of IFC drawings and MTO’s coincide with CWP structure.

•   Produce CWP’s with input from Construction and Engineering personnel, providing all information required to execute construction.

•   Plan and carry out regular readiness checks to identify incomplete items, and follow up actions to ensure delays to release of CWP’s are minimized.

•   Facilitate and document release of CWP’s to Superintendents and Contractors.

•   Coordinate with the various discipline Superintendents to ensure work area interfaces are planned to avoid disruption to works (through the controlled release of CWP’s).

•   Provide regular detailed reporting of CWP document progress, and CWP construction progress.

•   Coordinate and document closeout of CWP’s, ensuring works has been punchlisted and all items closed out prior to accepting completed works from Contractor.

•   Ensure CWP battery limits are compatible with pre-commissioning requirements.

•   Work closely with pre-commissioning team to understand limits of construction scope in terms of testing and completion, and ensure these scope boundaries are clearly identified in CWP’s.

•   Undertake work as directed by the Construction Lead or Construction Supt to assist in the planning and execution of CWP’s.

•   Supporting or covering for Contractor with the development of timesheets and input into job card database for accurate productivity measurement.


•   BS/MS in Engineering or trade based experience

•   5-10 years’ experience

•   Experience with job cards / work pack development

•   Offshore work experience

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