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Naija Food for thoughts..
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*Your boyfriend beats you on a daily basis, you put his picture up and your BBM Status reads "you bring Out the Best in me" Are you a Drum???"

*He gave you an engagement ring since like 5 yrs ago, hasn't said anything about marriage, and you won't ask. Na u be Lord Of The Rings abi?"

*The ONLY Woman that's 100% Sure of where her Man is EVERY night is a WIDOW. Women stop giving yourselves headache!"

*You have no money,no job,no ambition,no education and you want to be loved for 'who you are'.. Pls tell me,who are you ?"

*Half naked girls are hot,while well dressed girls are beautiful...Hell is hot,while heaven is beautiful...the choice is yours"

*More chances to succeed are available to people of good charater as this African Proverb says ''Do good because of tomorrow''.

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Funny thoughts...Naija Ninja :D