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2011 Undergraduate Scholarship Program
« on: Mar 23, 2011, 06:33 AM »
[attachimg=1] Building a worldwide Q&A community takes a lot of dedication and knowledge — and it doesn't only happen on the site. Knowledge-sharing is a part of who we are every day, which is why Answers Corporation established the $20,000 Scholarship Fund to provide funds for deserving students.


The Scholarship Program plans to award one $5,000 scholarship, two $2,500 scholarships, and ten scholarships valued at $1,000 each.


Sign in to with your username and answer at least 50 questions of your choice after January 1, 2011. Then submit your application along with the 50 questions you answered. The panel of judges will review the answers for quality and accuracy to determine the winners.


This scholarship is for students planning to be enrolled in undergraduate classes during the 2011-2012 academic year.

When? All materials must be submitted (and postmarked) by March 28, 2011.
Below is a Q&A overview about the Scholarship. Please refer to the application form for a full list of Q&A.

The administrator of the program is The Center for Scholarship Administration, Inc. (CSA), a non-profit, independent organization. For additional questions, please contact Allison Lee at allisonlee @ (no spaces).

Read more: Essay Scholarship Online.

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2011 Undergraduate Scholarship Program
« on: Mar 23, 2011, 06:33 AM »