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[attachimg=1] The Graduate School of Excellence ‘JSMC’ invites applications for 7 PhD Student Fellowships for research topics in various fields in Natural and Life Sciences.

The Jena School for Microbial Communication (JSMC) is funded by the German Excellence Initiative. It conceptionally unites different research areas (microbial communities, interactions with plant, animal and human hosts, and environmental interactions) into a comprehensive picture of microbial communication.

JSMC is an ambitious Graduate School with over 150 PhD students who are educated in a structured, interdisciplinary training program based on top-level fundamental research. Five faculties of Friedrich Schiller University Jena, six non-university research institutes as well as 13 partner companies are participating in this cutting-edge research and training program that includes an innovative PhD program, career development, and intensive sociocultural care. Three existing Research Training Groups and 12 other cooperative research projects collaborate in integrating novel research areas to achieve a complete view of microbial communication.

JSMC expects:

•   a Master’s degree (or equivalent) in Natural Sciences (e.g., Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Biomedical Sciences, Earth Sciences, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, etc.). Candidates about to obtain their degree are welcome to apply.
•   high motivation and interest in joining one of the interdisciplinary research areas of the JSMC
•   creativity and interest in shaping your own thesis project
•   an integrative and cooperative personality
•   very good communication skills in English (the language of instruction at the JSMC)

JSMC offers:

•   a highly communicative atmosphere within a scientific network providing top-level research conditions
•   a PhD stipend paid for three years according to the rules of the DFG (German Research Foundation) as well as generous research funding
•   a comprehensive mentoring program with efficient supervision by a team of supervisors
•   a top-level PhD training program with courses in state-of-the-art research technologies and soft skills
•   Jena – the German City of Science 2008: a young and lively town with dynamic business activities, successful scientific centers of innovation and a vibrant cultural scene around the famous Friedrich Schiller University

Research Topics:

7 PhD Student Fellowships for research topics in various fields in Natural and Life Sciences: JSMC - Jena School for Microbial Communication: Vacant Projects.

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Application Guidelines
For the first stage of the application procedure (submission of the "Statement of Interest" form):
•   Please acquaint yourself with the open projects being offered within the 8th JSMC Recruitment Call
•   Download and complete the "Statement of Interest" form (see download link to the right)
•   Save the completed "Statement of Interest" on your computer (filename: JSMC-<familyname>-<firstname>.PDF)
•   Submit this pdf document as an email attachment to

Please note:
•   Applications can ONLY be considered if the COMPLETED "Statement of Interest" form is received on time.
•   DO NOT submit any unrequested additional documents (e.g., CV, certificates, etc.) until asked to do so.
•   You are welcome to contact the corresponding project supervisor(s) if you have specific scientific questions on a research project. However, DO NOT send any application material directly to the project supervisors.

If you have questions on the recruitment procedure, please refer to the FAQ first. If your questions persist, please contact apply-jsmc(at)

Application Deadline

(i.e. deadlines for submission of the completed ‘Statement of Interest’ form):
•   April 6, 2011 (for all applicants who will require a visa to enter Germany and attend the recruitment meeting in June)
•   April 29, 2011 (for applicants who will not require a visa to enter Germany)

(Please note: after April 29, applications from non-EU-nationals can only be considered if attendance at the recruitment meeting is possible within two weeks of receiving notice of acceptance. Please provide a brief explanatory statement together with your application why this would be possible for you)

Document Download:
•   Statement of Interest_2011
•   Advertisement for 8th JSMC Call
•   Frequently Asked Questions

Source: JSMC - Jena School for Microbial Communication: Advertisement

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