Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme for Former DAAD In-Region / In-Country Scholars from Africa

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[attachimg=1] German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), as a publicly funded, self-governing organisation of the institutions of higher education in Germany, promotes international academic exchange as well as educational co-operation with developing countries through a variety of funding and scholarship programmes.

The purpose of the programme is to provide opportunities to post-doctoral researchers from Sub-Saharan Africa to conduct, under the guidance of their host institutions, cooperative research at a German university or other research institutions. The programme is designed to augment opportunities for researchers from Sub-Saharan Africa.

Please note that short term visits for study and training purposes or for attending conferences are not eligible for sponsorship.

DAAD is offering approximately 10 Fellowships in 2011.



Applicants have to
- be alumni of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) within the "In-Region / In-Country Scholarship Programme".
- have completed their Ph.D. degree less than six years ago.
- hold an academic position at a university or research institution in Sub-Saharan Africa.
- submit an invitation from a German host institution together with a research plan which must have been arranged in advance with the host researcher in Germany. (please note: DAAD does not find or introduce host institutions.)
- be nationals of a Sub-Saharan African country.

Applications may come from all subject areas that have strong relevance to national development (excluding the humanities and fine arts).

Place of Tenure:

The fellowships are tenable in any university or institution of higher education in Germany. Duration and The awards are tenable for three up to six months and are not renewable. The scholarship must end before January 31st 2012 and cannot be deferred.

The scholarship consists of:
- An adequate travel lump sum
- A research lump sum of EUR 600
- A monthly allowance of EUR 1,400.-
- Accident, liability and health insurance

Terms and Condition:

At the end of the scholarship the fellow has to provide a detailed report on the findings of the research signed by the hosting professor and give further information on future cooperation and academic activities.


Application Procedure

Applicants will be required to use the link: (Application Document) to apply for this programme.

(To complete the form: Please tick "other programmes" on page 1, page 4 and 5
do not apply here!)

Documents to be submitted
- Green DAAD application form, duly filled and signed.
- Hand-signed Curriculum Vitae (please use the europass specimen form at, including list of publications.
- Research proposal including detailed time and work plan.
- Confirmation from a German professor stating that he/she will host the applicant during the stay.
- 2 recommendation letters of academic referees.
- PhD certificate (certified as true copy of the original certificate).
- Master's certificate (s.a.).

Applications should be sent via e-mail directly to one of contacts stated below.

•   Angela Helfer (In-Country: Ethiopia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe; In-Region: 2iE, PTCI Burkina Faso, IMSP, Benin, IWM, Kenya):
•   Gabi Parmentier (In-Country: Sudan, Uganda; In-Region: CERAAS, Senegal, CESAG, Senegal):
•   Jasmin Ramershoven (In-Country: Namibia, South Africa; In-Region: Human Rights, South Africa):
•   Anja Trauschies and Bonface Nyagah (In-Country: Kenya; In-Region: ANSTI Kenya, CMAAE Kenya, ICIPE Kenya and Ghana, ILRI Kenya, NAPRECA Kenya, APFP South Africa, AIMS South Africa, FMSP South Africa, CEPACS Nigeria, CESPAM Botswana):

Deadline: Applications can be handed in at any time, but at least two months before the intended visit in Germany.

Source: German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).