2011-12 Australian Prime Ministers Centre (APMC) Summer Scholarships

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[attach=1] The Summer Scholarship program supports research projects into the history, origins, traditions and contemporary practice of Australian democracy, with a particular focus on Australian prime ministers. The Australian Prime Ministers Centre offers up to three Summer Scholarships each year to tertiary students to further their education and increase their research experience. Summer Scholars undertake their research project in Canberra during the summer academic break.

Who can apply?

The Australian Prime Ministers Centre (APMC) welcomes applications from students engaged in a range of disciplines such as social and political history, museum studies, librarianship and the performing arts. Applicants should be in their final Honours year or undertaking post-graduate studies.

Summer scholars may undertake a research project specified by the Australian Prime Ministers Centre. The research project will contribute towards the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House's public history program. Examples of possible projects include:
•   Exhibition research. e.g. The MoAD Decision Theatre program
•   Interpretive, education or performance program development
•   Preparation of a research guide or bibliography

Summer scholar applicants may also propose an independent research project in one of the following categories, although these are not exclusive:
•   academic paper. eg a published journal article, book, chapter, or website content
•   bibliography. eg a project which locates and describes significant records, and includes audiovisual and other non-text based materials
•   creative project. eg a script for a play, dramatic performance, the visual arts, or multimedia technology.

The selection panel may recommend that an applicant who proposes an independent research project be offered a scholarship to undertake a set project.

Summer Scholarship terms

The following section provides information on the expected outcomes, benefits, related support and timing of the summer scholarships.


Expected outcomes

Summer scholars will:
•   work on a project specified by the Australian Prime Ministers Centre; or
•   produce an academic paper, bibliography or creative project that addresses the Centre's key objectives.

Summer scholars will be required to:
•   spend 6 weeks based at Museum of Australian Democracy in Canberra during the summer academic break (usually January- mid-February)
•   complete a set project or make substantial progress towards an independent research project
•   present one public lecture or staff seminar to Museum of Australian Democracy staff, invited guests, and members of the public. Further presentations may also be negotiated
•   be available for publicity purposes including interviews with the media in order to promote the receipt of the award, results of their research or the benefits of the Centre's research and scholarship program
•   acknowledge the support of the Australian Prime Ministers Centre and the research and scholarship program in any publication or other material resulting from the research
•   provide a complimentary copy of any publications resulting from research conducted under the Summer Scholarship to Museum of Australian Democracy
•   prepare a brief report at the conclusion of the Summer Scholarship.


Participants in the Summer Scholarship program will receive:
•   a return economy airfare (within Australia) to Canberra
•   share accommodation in a self-catering apartment
•   a weekly allowance ($400) to assist with other living expenses.

Related support

The Centre will also provide:
•   fully-equipped office accommodation
•   out-of-hours access to the research centre and seminar room
•   interaction with staff at the Centre, including a mentor who will provide advice during the research project.


•   Summer Scholarships should be taken up in the summer academic break following granting of the award
•   Summer Scholars are expected to spend 6 weeks at the Australian Prime Ministers Centre (generally early January - mid-February)


Preparing your application

Applications for the 2011 Summer Scholarship close on 30 September 2011.

Each application must include the following:
•   application form
•   academic transcript
•   curriculum vitae, if relevant
•   research proposal, if relevant
•   two references.

Application form: Download the application form here and attach it to supporting documentation.

Academic transcript: The academic transcript should be a current, signed certified copy.

Curriculum vitae: The curriculum vitae should include details of relevant study and work experience. Where relevant, it should also include:
•   details of other research awards previously held
•   details of professional seminars/conference papers/public lectures/performances presented
•   a list of published works.

The research project: If you have elected to work on an independent research project, you should attach a research proposal. The proposal should indicate the relevance of the research project to the key objectives of the Australian Prime Ministers Centre. The proposal should also:
•   provide a comprehensive outline of the proposed topic of research
•   indicate the major collections that would be researched
•   indicate the anticipated outcomes and significance of the proposed research
•   indicate the audience(s) for the intended research
•   indicate how the results of the proposed research will be published (book, journal, website etc) and how these results will promote the Centre

The references: The two references should be from (academic) referees or others who are familiar with the applicant's field, and should address the following selection criteria:
•   the applicant's qualifications, ability and experience
•   the potential of the applicant to contribute to the field in future years
•   the ability of the applicant to work to set guidelines and deadlines

A pro-forma referee report is available here.

References should be signed by both the applicant and the referee, or include the email trail. References should also include contact details of the referee (telephone, fax number and email address).

Where to send your application

Applications should be sent to the following address by 30 September 2011:
David Jolliffe
The Australian Prime Ministers Centre
Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House
PO Box 7088
Canberra BC ACT 2610

An electronic copy should also be sent to apmc@moadoph.gov.au

For further information, please contact the Australian Prime Ministers Centre.

Alternatively, if you wish to discuss your application prior to lodgement, please contact David Jolliffe, (02) 6270 8239 or email david.jolliffe@moadoph.gov.au

Source: Research: Summer scholarships — Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House