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Job Title: Vessel Company Representative

Location: Offshore, Nigeria

Recruiter: Deep Blue Energy Services Limited (DBESL)

Sector: Energy, Oil and Gas


•   Act as the focus and point of contact for the Contractor Site Representative on the vessel

•   Organize day to day work on the vessel in coordination with the Contractor Vessel Site Representative

•   Follow the progress of the work performed from the vessel and perform schedule monitoring along with the progress

•   Ensure the right level of quality on the vessel and work with Contractor to achieve project requirement with regards to QA

•   Ensure that the level of supervision of the activities performed on and from the vessel is sufficient to meet project specifications requirements

•   Enforce daily meetings and weekly progress meetings with Contractor onboard and maintain regular communication with Contractor Vessel Site Representative

•   Evaluate technical and work execution issues on the vessel with Contractor and contribute to their resolution at the vessel level whenever possible

•   Enforce the Contract on the vessel and promptly report to above level any deviation for further decision to be taken

•   Maintain at vessel perimeter an updated register of all queries and approved and non approved waivers and ensure proper dispatch within COMPANY Organization

•   Maintain at vessel perimeter an updated register of all deviations and non conformances and develop them into a punch list of items to be resolved

•   Enforce sufficient reporting process for the activities performed on and from the vessel to allow decision making process to be done at the appropriate level within COMPANY organization in accordance with applicable Delegation Of Authority (DOA).

•   Report any issue to Lead Installation Engineer/Offshore Operation Supervisor and maintain regular and efficient information to him

•   Participate in clarification and responses to Contractor queries and requests for waivers issued for the activities performed on the vessel in accordance with project procedures

•   Ensure proper liaison with the rest of the DW PJC organization to guaranty adequate coordination within the team for offshore activities. Particular attention will be paid to liaise on a regular basis and as needed with the HSE Engineer and the SIMOPS Coordinators on the FPSO.

•   Ensure that activities performed on site in the project perimeter fulfil project HSE requirements

•   Report any incident as per Company and Project rules

•   Implement with Contractor Site Representative any Risk Assessment of Service Safety Analysis as required by COMPANY HSE procedures

•   Ensure the preparation of SIMOPS procedures offshore with the support of the SIMOPS Coordinator

•   Act as RSESD (Responsible Safety & Environment on Site Delegate) on the Deep Water field reporting in particular to the Field RSES

•   Act as RSESD in charge of SIMOPS implementation and supervision with drilling units

•   Ensure that COMPANY requirements are achieved at each phase of installation and carefully highlight/report to the hierarchy any shortcomings that may appear before vessel demobilisation

•   Offshore Site Representative will act as RSES (Delegate) and get involved in permit to work system as required by HSE Company rules, in particular during SIMOPS on the installation SITE


The main objectives are set as follows:

1.   Deliver with commitment to HSE excellence

2.   Deliver to acceptable specifications

3.   Deliver on time

4.   Deliver within budget

5.   Ensure a rigorous supervision of sub-sea construction and survey works from a support vessel; reliable reporting, sound anticipation in vessel preparation works.

6.   Be responsible for implementing safe operations from the vessel.

7.   Ensure the implementation of reliable and robust task plans.

8.   Communicate about all technical interfaces and logistic issues linked to the vessel activities

The Service holder will be involved into the following activities with his responsibilities :


•   Ensure/verify that CONTRACTOR and SUB-CONTRACTORS constantly meet the standards set by COMPANY HSE objectives

•   Maintain a proactive HSE attitude in all working areas in line with COMPANY published standards (Wear adequate PPE, report (but in a positive way) anyone caught performing an unsafe act…) and comply with COMPANY requirements in terms of HSE training

•   Promote any Safety Bulletins issued from with Client’sGroup for awareness within CONTRACTOR organisation

•   Follow up any analysis process of reported unsafe act, ensure close out and transmissions of the lessons learned


•   Define Vessel delivery plan in line with operational requirements

•   Monitor CONTRACTOR progress against published plan ensure plans are updated on a weekly basis

•   Communicate slippage to Lead Subsea Installation Engineer/Offshore Operations Supervisor and other relevant entities such that impact can be fully assessed and monitored. Instigate, as appropriate, and review CONTRACTOR’s recovery plan

•   Review & sign minutes of meeting. Verify that actions are transferred to Action Register. Monitor Action Register to ensure that actions are relevant to OIMR vessel work is followed up and closed out within agreed times

•   Manage inspection and certification activities


The Company Representative reports directly to the Lead Subsea Installation Engineer/Offshore Operations Supervisor and his reporting duties include:

•   Attend Vessel engineering kick off and safety meetings as and when required

•   Issue COMPANY Daily Progress Reports (DPR)

•   Attend Safety Audits as required

•   Attend COMPANY / CONTRACTOR weekly progress meeting (dependent on Offshore operational needs)

Skills and working behavior:

The bullets points here below are not truly project objectives. However, they describe the general behaviour required of the  Company Representative in order to ensure the efficiency of the vessel team and promote a good working atmosphere within the OIMR Vessel team and with the CONTRACTOR.

Be professional

•   Use Company and Project Specifications as a basis but be prepared to listen to alternatives

•   Use your experience

•   Use others’ experience to support/challenge your decision

•   Use your common sense and be rigorous

•   Never assume but check instead

•   If in doubt ask for help

•   Promote face to face meetings (short ones and well driven), identify issues and assign responsibilities rather than spreading E-mails with multiple addressees and unclear responsibilities for action

•   Don’t ask for technical issues to be sorted the next day, instead leave time for thought but ask for a plan and schedule of actions. Monitor the Contractor’s progress against the agreed action plan.

•   Behave in order that COMPANY speaks to the CONTRACTOR from a single voice – communicate with your colleagues in the SUBSEA team

•   Use the approved communication methods with CONTRACTOR

•   Do your Service – Manage your team and the monitor the relevant Contractor team

•   Commercial issues must be considered, reported and resolved with Hierarchy.

•   Be organized

•   It is worth stopping your work on regular basis and re-organize yourself

•   Ensure the CONTRACTOR is organized

•   Communicate on a regular basis with team members

•   Be on time so as not to impact others’ work

•   Sort a COMPANY issue at COMPANY team level, not in front of the CONTRACTOR

Be open minded

•   You don’t know everything, listen to others, team member and contractor personnel; The blending of experience is good in decision making process

•   Provide adequate information to others when required (teach if necessary); An objective can only be fulfilled correctly and in time, if the person in charge has the correct information in hands and understand the concern

•   Prepares accurate reports processed through PRODOM.

•   Participates in project meetings.


Chartered or company trained Engineer, Technical Diploma holder with good experience in subsea operations (Drilling/Completions and Installations) :

•   Sound background in Oil and Gas industry as an Installation specialist

•   Particular experience of Sub-sea system and of simultaneous operations in Oil Production environment

•   Good communication and Co-ordination skills, team oriented

•   Fluent in English language, good ability in reporting and electronic files handling.

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