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[attach=1] Mandela Rhodes Foundation has announced application for 2011 Mandela Rhodes Scholarships for citizens of all African countries.

•   Open to citizens of all African countries
•   For postgraduate study at a South African university or tertiary institution (Honours and Masters degrees only) in 2012.
•   Any individual between 19 and 30 years of age
•   Individuals that reflect in their character a commitment to the four principles of Education, Reconciliation, Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship, as detailed in this booklet.

Application documentation
•   Complete the application form which should be available from the contact person at your university. Or download the application form from
•   Contact between three and five referees who would be willing to write reference letters for you. A template for the reference letter is available with the application form on our website. Please ensure that no less than three are from academics who have taught you.
•   Ensure that you include the following documentation in your application:
-   A certified copy of your identity document , birth certificate , residency certificate or passport
-   A certified copy of your official academic transcript
-   A CV detailing your work experience, leadership positions, extramural activities, and any honours or awards you have received.

Application process
-   Candidates for the University of Johannesburg must submit completed applications to the Executive Dean of the Faculty by the 13th of May, 2011 at 16h00.
-   The Executive Deans submit the nominations from the faculty to the Head of the Postgraduate Funding Support (PFS) Section, Ms Nandarani Maistry.
-   The PFS convenes a selection panels that selects the five students that will be nominated to the Mandela-Rhodes Foundation.
-   Each institution may nominate a maximum of five candidates to be sent through to the next round of selections. The Mandela Rhodes Foundation will then shortlist candidates for a final interview.
-   Candidates short listed to attend the final interview will be required to submit an essay, on a topic provided to them. These candidates will then attend an interview with the panel of selectors in Cape Town in October. All short listed candidates will be informed shortly thereafter as to the status of their application.
-   Exceptions will be made only for candidates not currently based at a tertiary institution; in these instances applications should be made directly to the Mandela Rhodes Foundation Scholarships Programme.

Candidates for the University of Johannesburg must submit completed applications to the Executive Dean of the Faculty by the 13th of May, 2011 at 16h00.

Queries: Please contact Ms Dudu Mbatha (; 011-559-4016) located in the Postgraduate Centre, APK Library, Level One.

Source: The Mandela Rhodes Foundation.

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