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Job Title: Completion and Drilling Engineer

Job Location: Nigeria (Lagos/Warri)

Organisation: Neconde Energy Limited


•   To manage and be single points person responsible for the design, programming and safe drilling and completion of wells assigned to his rig to approved standards.

•   To also monitor the progress of work on his assigned rig and to give real-time advice on operations and other matters affecting the performance of the rig.

Main Activities and Responsibilities:

1. Demonstrate a high commitment to HSE.

2. Carry out well design which includes, casing design and selection, drill fluids, torque and drag, well control, drill string using the appropriate well engineering design software.

3. Prepare the drilling and completion programs, and obtains approvals from relevant authorities.

4. Monitor the progress of drilling and completion operations and report critical issues to the Senior Engineer.

5. Implement change control procedures to ensure that changes to procedures either planned or unplanned have the necessary level of technical authority approval.0T

6. Manage the personnel logistics and expedite materials and equipment to and from the rig.

7. Promptly process the contractor invoice for jobs rendered.

9. Manage the interfaces between CWI, Well Construction, Production Operations and the Development Teams.

10. Manage the service contractors to ensure that high quality services are provided in accordance with their respective contracts.

Required Education and Experience:

1. A professional engineer in possession of a degree or equivalent qualification in a relevant engineering or science discipline.0T

2. A minimum of 10 years’ experience in Drilling and Completion of wells with minimum of 2 years as a Drilling Supervisor on the rig.

Closing Date: 2013-05-31

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