Author Topic: Is this Real? CitiWave Management: Minimum Deposit is N500.00 (R.O.I is N1,000.00 in Days)  (Read 1929 times)


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I received an unsolicited investment offer yesterday and will like to ask if this is real. Although, I don't advise doing business that you do not know much about its areas of business. Not just Hype without genuine line of business.

Check the email below and share your views about it. Is it real? I need to know!

CitiWave Management is a Project directed to Nigerians and other clients worldwide to enable them to improve their Financial Status. It is a Private Investment Funds Networks that started in year 2005, and funds are invested into the ForEx Market, Global Stocks, Commodities, Metals, Oil and Gas, Telecommunications e.t.c. to generate Return Profit Yields for the private clients hence they are expanding into the public sector since 2009.


L.C.E – Directed to the unemployed, the students, youths, teenagers, market women, housewives, managing graduates e.t.c to help improve their financial status.

M.C.E – Directed to Government workers e.t.c teachers, bankers, police e.t.c. and individuals having their business and generating their income in part time.

A.C.E - Directed to Self-employed business men, managers, managing directors, upcoming companies who look further to improving their capital profits, organizations, group of people who contribute to the investments e.g. stocks club, members of a church, group of government workers contributing funds together, members of a pension group e.t.c

U.C.E – Directed to Large Companies, Oil and Gas Workers in a Petroleum Company, Capable Private Individuals, Corporate Bodies, Ministers, Senators, Banks, Politicians, Sports Stars, Celebrities, ambassadors, foreign investors, top Government Officials, Micro-finance institutions e.t.c

If you want more information about the Investment site, check out the site:

To contact us for more information, you have to Register on the site and ask your inquiries or submit your payment information to be a Certified Member.

CitiWave Management
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