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Network Administrator Job at CRIPSS Nigeria
« on: May 11, 2013, 10:30 AM »
Job Title: Network Administrator

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Organisation: Centre for Research on Information, Process and Software System (CRIPSS)

CRIPSS is opened to serve as a technology backbone for companies and the governments. We conduct extensive research in the areas of database technology; Software Engineering and Intelligent Systems; bioinformatics, automation, algorithm, process optimisation and control, Biomedical Engineering; virtual machining; signal, image and multimedia processing; communications; nanotechnology; human – computer interaction; computational intelligence; distributed systems; integrated systems design and many more.


Must be very good in working with Linux, Cisco networking systems. Knowledgeable in network architecture, application layer, transport layer, network layer, link layer and LANS, wireless and mobile networks, multimedia networking,  network security, enterprise security architectures, Engineering secure software, the usability aspects of security mechanisms, and critical infrastructure interdependencies. Applying appropriate security mechanism like cryptography, message digests and checksums, public key systems, confidentiality, integrity, Non-Repudiation, Authentication, Email Security, Firewalls, IP Security, Web Security, Intruders, Viruses, Access Control and Management. Responsible for networking all servers and clients; Security of the intranet and internet and handling networking related issues for clients. Lecturing assignments include

•   Introduction to Linux

•   Network systems

•   Computer and Information Systems Security

How to Apply:

Interested candidates can apply online or send their CV, cover letter and photocopy of result to the following address:

Centre for Research on Information, Process and software System, CRIPSS,

57/59 Isawo Road, Agric Ikorodu,

Lagos, Nigeria.

Our staff base consists of individuals who have successfully completed their training in CRIPSS. We also recruit highly motivated individuals from the industry who enjoy career in research and development. Most of our members have trained in different parts of the world bringing their skills to the Centre.

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Network Administrator Job at CRIPSS Nigeria
« on: May 11, 2013, 10:30 AM »