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I taya for some people. Things are tough, sad, and sombre enough in our country that one doesn't need complicated social media engagements with folks who believe that it is a criminal offense to lighten up and laugh sometimes.

Daily, you meet them in these spaces permanently snarling, fuming, foaming, cursing, roforofoing. The humour in anything cuts no ice with them. Life, for them, is about wearing a danshiki made of reinforced steel. Daily, they wear an ethnic sackcloth, pour religious ash over their own heads, and roam from Wall to Wall, looking for war in the trenches of the numerous fault-lines of Nigerian nationhood.

Brother, I tell you, it's ok to laugh and chill and crack up. If, however, you have decided to go through life wearing a permanent frown like the silhouette of Okonkwo on the cover of Things Fall Apart, that's your funeral.

Prof Pius Adebola Adesanmi

Re: Food for thought - Criminal offense to Laugh in Naija
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Prof. Pius Adebola Adesanmi is right. Laughter can be a good medicine to mental and emotional stress.