2012 Fulbright Scholar Program for Teaching or Research in Cameroon

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Scholars with a Ph.D. and a minimum two years postdoctoral university or college teaching experience are preferred. Academic and professional candidates will be considered. Applicants combining teaching and research are advised to plan on an 80/20 teaching to research ratio. Undergraduate classes (100-1,000 students) are large in public schools, but get smaller (below 100) for advanced and graduate classes. Candidates are advised to correspond with potential host institutions to determine whether their specializations fit into existing programs. A letter of invitation is recommended, but not required. A letter of invitation from the host institution is required to apply for a visa into Cameroon. The academic year runs from October through July. There are two semesters: October to January and February to July. Cameroon has an official bilingual policy; however, French speakers outnumber English speakers by a four to one ratio. A working knowledge of French is recommended. There are several international-standard elementary schools in Yaounde and Douala for children in grades Pre-K-12. Grantees residing outside of these two cities will need to research school options and decide if they are appropriate for their dependents

Award Code: 2012
World Area: Africa, Sub-Saharan
Country: Cameroon
Award Title: All Disciplines
Category: Core (Open to all levels of faculty, including early career)
Activity: Teaching or Teaching/Research
Disciplines: All Disciplines
Ph.D. Required: Yes

Specializations: The following fields are of interest to Cameroonian universities: Agriculture, American History, American Literature, Anthropology, Archeology, Art, Biological Sciences, Business Administration, Chemistry, Communications, Computer Sciences, Economics, Education, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Geography, Geology, Information Sciences, Journalism, Linguistics, Mathematics, Medical Sciences, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology and Teaching of English as a Foreign Language. Candidates are advised to check with each university to determine the available fields in the participating universities.

•   Base Stipend: $2,640-$2,860 monthly base stipend
•   Maintenance: For 2010-11 the following was provided: $1,250-$1,550 per month, plus housing. Grantees not receiving university housing will receive a housing allowance of $1,900-$2,100 per month, based on the number of dependents.
•   Travel Relocation: For 2010-11 the following was provided: $7,000 for the grantee; additional dependent travel allowance of $5,000 for one accompanying dependent, $10,000 for two or more dependents.
•   Tuition Assistance: Up to $25,000 per family for grades K-12 is reimbursed for two or more accompanying dependent children for full academic year, with maximum benefit of $12,500 per child. Amount adjusted for shorter grant periods. Reimbursement based on actual cost of tuition and fees only or home schooling materials. Requests to cover higher actual amounts for tuition and fees only will be considered but cannot be guaranteed. Other Benefits: $1,000 for books and educational materials.


The participating public universities for 2012 Fulbright Scholar Program for Teaching/Research in Cameroon are:

University of Buea
contact: Professor Vincent P.K. Titanji
email: vpk.titanji@yahoo.com

University of Douala
contact: Professor Bruno Ebe Bekolo
email: brunobekolo@univ-douala.com; bekolobruno@yahoo.fr

University of Dschang
contact: Professor Anaclet Formethe
email: udsrectorat@yahoo.fr; safomethe@yahoo.fr

University of Ngaoundere
contact: Professor Paul Henri Avam Zollo
email: ngaoundere_university@yahoo.fr; amvamz@yahoo.fr phamvamz@yahoo.fr

University of Maroua
contact: Professor Edward O. Oben
email: tako640@yahoo.ca

University of Yaounde I
contact: Professor Bouba Oumarou
email: rect-cab@yahoo.com

University of Yaounde II
contact: Professor Jean Tabi Manga

The private universities are:
Adventist University Cosendai of Nanga Eboko
contact: Dr. Paul Ikouba

Catholic University of Bamenda (CATUC)
contact: Dr. Michael Suh Niba
email: info@catuc.org

Catholic University of Central Africa in Yaounde
Contact: Father Christian Mofor
rectorat@upac-edu.com T

The Cameroon Christian University (CCU) in Bali
Contact: Professor Emmanuel Ngam Chia
email: camcu_edu@yahoo.com

The Protestant University of Central Africa
contact: Professor Emmanuel Anyambod
email: rectorat@upac-edu.com

Teaching at CATUC, CCU and the University of Buea is in English, while teaching at the Adventist University is in French. In the other universities, professors may teach in English or French, but they need to have a working knowledge of French.

Grant Activity: Candidates will teach advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in any discipline offered at a participating host institution and may provide tutorials and student advising services. They may also supervise graduate student research and mentor faculty. They will have time for personal research in any area of research interest.

Language: Teaching at CATUC, CCU and the University of Buea is in English, while teaching at the Adventist University is in French. In the other universities, professors may teach in English or French, but they need to have a working knowledge of French.

Length Of Grant: 10 months
Starting Date: October 2012
Deadline: August 1, 2011

For Further Information:

IIE Staff

Program Officer Name: Kari Miller
Program Officer Phone: 202-686-6238
Program Officer Email: kmiller@iie.org

Program Associate Name: Joseph Monthey
Program Associate Phone: 202-686-4027
Program Associate Email: jmonthey@iie.org

For online application: Application Login | Core Fulbright Scholar Program

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