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Job Title: Health Specialist (Cold Chain and Logistics), P-4

Location: Abuja, Nigeria

Employer: United Nations Children’s Fund – UNICEF Nigeria

Vacancy No: E-VN-2013-000823

Region: WCARO   

Job Level: P-4

Position#: 00083780

Contract Type: Long-term Staff (FT)

Purpose of the Position: Under the direct guidance of the Immunization Manager, Health Section, Abuja  the incumbent manages the supply and logistics operations of the immunization program delivery, services, supply and logistic, processes and systems, requiring advanced professional technical mastery and expertise in support of operations and programme objectives. You will be accountable for effective planning, procurement, distribution, monitoring and inventory management of immunization program supplies, in support of the Health Section.

Key Expected Results

1. Provide rapid and relevant responses to evolving supply needs and situations facing children and families, including emergency situations, with a priority on achieving value for money.

•   Responsible for logistics/supply planning through coordination with Operations/Programme Sections.  Provides technical advice on specifications, supply and logistics arrangements facilitating cost-effective efficient procurement, customs clearance, inventory management and distribution of oral polio vaccine, in support of the country programme implementation.

•   Participate in the Country Programme strategy planning preview and reviews to advise on supply/logistics requirements for the of Plan of Operations and Annual Work Plans. Develops Supply/Logistics component of the Country Programme, including systems for storage and distribution of polio vaccine to all sites.

2. Ensure sound, accurate supply/logistics management systems, procedures and documentation as well as regular, accurate reporting to maintain the highest level of integrity, standards and accountability.

•   Establish and maintain contacts with the CCL officer on the vaccine procurement and shipping policies.  Interprets and advises the country office on policies and procedures impacting on offshore and local procurement and delivery.

•   Act as member of the LWG.  Establish and maintain a system of contact with customs and airport immigration authorities at national ports of entry on the clearance of UNICEF supplies, in keeping with established protocol.

•   Ensure preparation of all immunization vaccines status reports required for donor reports, budget reviews, programme analysis, annual reports, appeals, etc.

•   Regularly create and communicate accurate inventory tracking and incoming supplies information.

3.  Ensure that effective support UNICEF and Government capacity-building efforts are provided in order to enhance efficient, effective and timely vaccine delivery,

•   Plan, design and conduct training for UNICEF’s staff/consultants and counterparts in supply management, customs clearance, distribution and inventory management of supplies and equipment in order to maximize supply delivery.

•   Provide effective coaching to the staff/consultants as required.

4. Supervise and manage effective procurement, local and/or offshore, with a goal to attain lowest cost without sacrificing quality.

•   Conduct market research, identify and recommend potential local suppliers.  Gather and maintain data on and evaluate local supply sources’ overall performance, (competitive pricing, cost-effectiveness and timely delivery,).  Monitor and assess supply operations and control mechanisms and advises on appropriate actions to take.

•   Communicates and reports quality issues with respect to oral polio vaccine.

5. Collaboration and Partnership

•   Coordinate with the Health Section on providing technical advice on procurement specifications of the oral polio vaccine as well as providing advice on requirements in the development of the vaccine component of the Country Programme.

•   Provide advice to the LWG on procurement policies and procedures, delivery and utilization of oral polio vaccine.

•   Team with the Health Section and other members of the Operations Section to facilitate procurement as well as efficient customs clearance, storage and distribution of the oral polio vaccine.

•   Develop and maintain partnership and collaborative relations with UNICEF, Government, UN, and bilateral counterparts in supply and logistics activities including distribution, monitoring polio vaccine inputs, and inventory.

•   Inform Programs of slow moving inventory, upcoming field distributions or deliveries, incoming materials and quality issues to ensure maximum use of available transportation, warehousing space, manpower and other resources.

Qualifications of Successful Candidate:

•   University Degree in physical sciences or engineering and Advanced degree in a related area of study.  Equivalent educational qualification in relevant areas (transport or logistics operations/management, supply management, etc.). *•   Eight  years of relevant work experience at national and at least 2 years at international  level providing technical support in the area of  logistics, supply chain management, cold chain and similar activities.

•   Work experience in emergency duty station.

•   Fluency in English and another UN language.

*A first level university degree with a relevant combination of academic qualifications and experience may be accepted in lieu of the advanced university degree.

Competencies of Successful Candidate:

•   Communicates effectively to varied audiences, including during formal public speaking.

•   Sets high standards for quality of work and consistently achieves project goals.

•   Able to work effectively in a multi-cultural environment.

•   Has good leadership and supervisory skills; co-ordinates group activities, ensuring that roles within the team are clear.

•   Analyzes and integrates potentially conflicting numerical, verbal and other data from a number of sources.

•   Negotiates effectively by exploring a range of possibilities.

•   Translates strategic direction into plans and objectives.

•   Quickly builds rapport with individuals and groups; maintains an effective network of  individuals across organizational departments.

•   Contributes and tries out innovative approaches and insights.

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