Author Topic: [Parents Guides for Children Through the Tough years 1] WISDOM IS BETTER THAN MUSCLE  (Read 890 times)


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Are you a parent, a babysitter/nanny? Are you raising a teenager or are into childcare? Wellcome to the tough years!Children develop faster this days and the door of puberty start opening up as early as age 10 and 12years.
You are perhaps used to your old  ways of parenting or childcaring, am afraid some of your old ways are not likely to work anymore and leaning how this accelerated genetic mix funtions is vital to good parenting or babysitting.


 Some of your old ways aren't likely to work anymore. What worked with young kids frequntly fails with older ones. Do you remember when raising your voice to your seven- yera old brought instant obedience? Try that with your hormone charged teen and get ready for battle! Teenager chemistry defies the old logic, so learn what makes them tick, pray for grace and  responde based on what works, not what doesn't.
If you treat teens like pre-teens you will get nowhere!

 What did'nt come naturally, can be learned. Those 'model parent'you heard about are either understanding it, enjoying a short-term break, or they earned their stripes the hard way.Its not easy. You learn to do it well by first doing it poorly, then doing it better, then asking God to do what you can't. And He will!

 Your only unforgivable mistake is the one you won't acknowledge. Your children know you're not flawless and they can handle it. They also know how big you have to be to admit it, and they're quick to forgive. So forget modeling perfection; just show them, humbly and constructively, how to handle it when they've been imperfect!

By; 'Bayo Ajibola


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