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Siemens Nigeria Latest Vacancies - (3 Positions)
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1) Job Title: Regional Compliance OfficerRisk Management- Knowing strategy, environment and recent market changes of respective business- Identification / analysis of potential risks / opportunities (together with Executive Management, where applicable)

- Prioritization of tasks / solutions based on risk assessment- Develop responses and monitor risk mitigation- Conducting Antitrust and Corruption exposure assessment- Ensure that risks are adequately reflected in the Compliance risk portfolioPolicies, procedures and controls- Alignment, monitoring and follow up of policies and guidelines for own area of responsibility- Informing and consulting business proactively on new Compliance topics / regulations- Building or participating in a network of experts to ensure consistency and quality of advice- Initiation and coordination of compliance controls within business operations- Securing the continuous development of internal compliance controls- Ensuring that business takes responsibility for Compliance with relevant processes and tools- Supporting M&A Compliance due-diligence and recommendation for board decisions- Ensuring high professional standards of quality and transparency of processesIntegration in the business process- Knowing the business and its environment, e.g. the products and relevant partners / competitors / customers- Developing and sustaining a solid network based on trust within the business- Motivating and enabling business to assume responsibility for compliant business conduct- Integrating Compliance into day-to-day operations, strategic business decision making and personnel processes- Participating in entity / senior management meetings for early involvement and discussion of business decisions- Acting as advisor by demonstrating expertise and understanding internal customer needs- Translating rules and regulations and advice into "language" of business and promoting them actively- Facilitating Business success by actively developing practical solutions together with business as a team- Regularly seeking internal customer feedback- Speaking as one Legal Compliance voiceTraining- Acting as Compliance internal / external partner and change agent within own area of responsibility- Securing understanding of Compliance and integrity by continuous training and knowledge transfer to business- Ensuring that mandatory trainings are rolled out to relevant target employees- Ensuring that own employees are well trained in Compliance topics- Staying informed about developments of compliance topics and ensuring that own employees are also up-to-date- Ensuring that trainings are of high qualityCommunication- Acting as facilitator and multiplier in order to assert understanding and commitment of management and employees-  Implementation of respective Compliance Communication strategy  (including identification of relevant target groups, tailoring  communication concept and selecting channels)- Knowing what to communicate (including background mitigated risks and benefits), when, to whom and how- Acting as guard by addressing compliance issues also against resistances- Participating in business communication activities to promote Compliance system and integrity- Evaluation of communication effectivenessCollective Action-  Representing the organization towards governmental officials, NGO`s and  others in regard to Compliance System, Collective Action and other  Compliance issues with respective CO management- Actively supporting fair and equitable market conditions and eliminating the temptation of corruption for all those concerned- Active Stakeholder management and -engagement- Being active as speaker in relevant events in coordination with respective CO management- Design and implementation of new Collective Action initiatives and strategies for relevant units- Supporting Siemens Integrity InitiativeMonitoring and Reporting- Measuring and monitoring implementation, effectiveness and continuous improvement of Compliance system- Evaluating adherence to policies / guidelines and ensuring definition, implementation and tracking of counter measures- Ensuring timely adherence and accuracy with regard to internal reporting obligations- Prompt reporting of compliance issues (TRACI) and misconduct- Implementation / performing of Compliance Review process- Reporting status and adequacy of overall Compliance system and recommended changes to business management- Deriving measures from analyzing "detect" sources- Ensuring budget- and forecast planning, -reporting and cost-controllingCase handling and remediation- Responsibility for investigations and case tracking (local cases)- Supporting of Investigations / Legal and case tracking (central cases)- Detailed knowledge about all entities within area of responsibility- Ensuring systematic tracking and management of compliance cases; ensuring quarterly certification- Ensuring the exchange of information with relevant stakeholders- Ensuring remediation actions by enforcing and securing effective implementation of remediation planPeople Management- Recruiting the right people accordant to Compliance role-model and job profile-  Coaching and developing employees according to the requirements of a  high-performance compliance system incl. succession planning- Efficient resource-management- Conducting effective PMP for all direct reports as well as ensuring this for the complete area of responsibility- Managing Talents in area of responsibility and promoting their visibility within respective organizations/regions/departments- Managing ready-to-develop candidates, supporting with transfer to next function and monitoring progress- Encouraging and monitoring the integrity, independence and motivation and qualification of employees- Ensuring own employees are appropriately well informedAPPLY HERE

2) Head, Corporate Communications a) Manages proactive and reactive media relations to obtain and shape news coverage of the Organisationb)  Acts as Siemens spokesperson and coordinates & prepares internal  subject matter experts to act as Organisation spokespeople in response  to media requestsc) Oversees the development of story Press releasesd) Oversee the planning, coordination and execution of news conferences and other media events
  • Adaption and implementation of division processes and media and communication strategy
a)  Creates communications strategies and formulates appropriate messaging  for sensitive and confidential materials to be communicated to internal  and external audiencesb)  Initiates, promotes and encourages effective internal and external  communications strategies and practices at all levels of the institutionc)  Leads the creation, editorial planning, content development, layout and  production of internal newsletters (and the shift to electronic  newsletters utility); internal portal (intranet); human resource  communicationsd)  Oversees the research and development of news releases, articles,  editorials, publications and other written communications productse) Writes and coordinates speeches, briefing notes, and media articles for internal clients
  • Work  closely with top executives to ensure messaging is projected to  organizational standards, throughout all possible resources.
  • Create  communication & media plans and implement communication activities,  track and analyze their performance while ensuring that the overall  branding and strategic objectives of the Organization are met.
a)  Responsible for the Crisis Communication Plan; updates, and management  of crisis communications preparedness & activity for the Collegeb) Participates on the Emergency Response/Business Continuity Task Team
  • Leads  and directs Special Projects measures and actions to ensure overall  improvement organizational performance (business excellence).
Policies & Regulations
  • Responsible for adherence to all internal, external and corporate policies, procedures and quality standards
  • Proactive,  comprehensive and continuous communication to group and division  management, employees on all levels, regions and stakeholders to support  achievement of business targets, employee and customer satisfaction
  • Leads,  directs and develops direct reports based on Siemens Management Tools  (Staff Dialogue, SMR, competence management, etc.) to enable outstanding  performance and career development. Identifies high potentials and  assists in their development
Management & Delegation
  • Effectively  manages individuals, functions and teams. Creates successful  cross-functional/cross-divisional/cross-national teams or strategic  alliance. Effectively delegates responsibility and/or authority to  subordinates with clear instructions
  • At least 8 years experience in Corporate/Public Relations
  • Experience in managing a multicultural organization and staff
  • Education - First degree in Mass Communication or related discipline

3) HR Specialist Employee/Industrial Relations

  • Review organization’s labor policies as required.
  • Provide  advice to line managers and supervisors on matters pertaining to HR  policies, staff disciplinary and grievance procedures and general  industrial relations matters to include attendance at formal  disciplinary and grievance meeting/hearings as required.
  • Advice  and support line managers and supervisors as required in the  implementation of work practices and/or conditions of employment
  • Facilitate  change through appropriate negotiation and consultation with staff  representatives in conjunction with Head of Human Resources
  • Identify breaches in HR processes,
  • File  complaints and prepare documentation for disciplinary and court cases  (collecting evidence, briefing witnesses), and appearing before the  relevant committees
  • Act as a spokesperson in union and employee negotiations in conjunction with Head, Human Resources,
  • Resolve disputes and grievances by providing advise on industrial law
  • Carry out periodic reviews of expectations of external stakeholders with respect to labor issues
  • Periodically  review best practice industrial relation practices in the market and  among competition to ensure Siemens is favourably placed
  • Facilitate employee counseling sessions and grievance sessions
  • Represent Siemens with external labour related bodies e.g. NECA
  • Organize hearing sessions
  • Maintain records of all industrial and employee relations events and activities
  • Monitor and ensure organization’s compliance with government regulations in labor matters
HR Performance/Reporting

  • Analyse KPI/Data for respective area of responsibility
  • Derive country related improvement actions
  • Implement Risk and Internal Control (RIC) / Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOA) as it relates to HR
  • Ensure compliance to local regulations
  • Provide content for communication regarding HR matters (aligned with Global messages)
  • A first degree, in business, majoring in Human Resources/ Industrial Relations, arts or law degree is essential.
  • A postgraduate qualification in human resources or industrial relations is desirable
  • 3  - 4 years experience in general Human Resources practice with practical  relevant work experience managing industrial relations in a variety of  industries

  • A first degree, in business, majoring in Human Resources/ Industrial Relations, arts or law degree is essential.
  • A postgraduate qualification in human resources or industrial relations is desirable
  • 3  - 4 years experience in general Human Resources practice with practical  relevant work experience managing industrial relations in a variety of  industries

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Siemens Nigeria Latest Vacancies - (3 Positions)
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