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[attachimg=1 align=left] The InfoStrides is an information portal for jobs and careers, education, scholarships, study abroad, free software download, technology, news and many more. Membership is free. Meet us at

The InfoStride is indeed an interactive platform for knowledge exchange and information sharing. It encourages freedom of information sharing and retrieval. The InfoStride keeps you informed ahead of others with free and complete information.

•   Members will become part of a community of well-informed people.
•   Career advice, latest job vacancies, and employment resources.
•   Education and admission information
•   Study abroad, internship, scholarship, fellowships, grants, and financial aid opportunities.
•   Vital and invaluable information at your disposal such as business advice, professional networking etc.
•   Skills sharing and development through membership interaction and board discussions.
•   Free products, service, and brand marketing on the discussion boards.
•   News and many more.
•   Ask questions and get answers from members all over the world.
•   Experience a new way of information sharing and retrieval.
•   Access to members only content & lots more.

Share! Interact!! Retrieve!!! …to achieve your goals

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