Author Topic: BOMBSHELL! It is Good Attacking President Jonathan and His Wife  (Read 342 times)


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A lot of people are not happy that we criticize Boko Haram here. Most of them would rather we play partisan politics with Boko Haram, like blame Goodluck Jonathan's administration for Boko Haram. This school of thought don't care about the people dying in Borno,Yobe and elsewhere due to this whole Boko Haram imbroglio, but look for anything they can swing and throw at Goodluck Jonathan administration.

If you don't consistently abuse Patience Jonathan, Goodluck Jonathan and his ministers, then they find a name to call you and blackmail you. Some of these people are the people making the Nigerian Governors Forum election a big deal and want to score cheap point and find some dirt to throw at Goodluck Jonathan. As far as they are concern you are not supposed to have a different opinion.

When I see some comments on Facebook and the people commenting, I feel so disappointed and hopeless. When people will come here to plant lies and try to paint truth as lies then you know 'things have really fallen apart'.

There was a time when at least we recognize truth but nowadays truth is so scarce because we no longer recognize the colour that is true. If religion will not teach us to accept truth, then what will? Jonathan is not the problem of Nigerian nor the PDP, but our failure to accept truth as it is. PDP members are Nigerians, Nigerians are PDP, and a lot of Nigerians have the PDP mentality.

A lot of us will not accept we are PDP. We look into the mirror and say no, I am APC or adopt some other name, yet we know deeply that we are all PDP.

If the opportunity arises we will do worse than the PDP because we have the PDP syndrome in all of us. - by George Onmonya Daniel, Abuja. Hope For Nigeria.

By George Onmonya

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